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Last updated: May 24, 2019
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Make online dating easy and fun with This sex matchmaking website is unique in its own way. Unlike others of its kind, simply hands you out the needed tools to hook up for sex.

Since the site launched on the internet, hooking up with people in your area has never been easier. Just sign up for an account and start looking through the endless lists of profiles.

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AffairAlert reviews (3):

AffairAlert - just another "online dating" site


You should be able to have a blast on this site. On ll one dating is just that - online. It is engineered to keep people online. The online dating scene has changed significantly since the 1990's and so have the people indulging in it. There have been countless crimes against these users that its just not safe to supposedly meet up for a hookup. It's also not safe to be paying a site for memberships. You will be handing all your personal info over to an off-shore high risk credit processer. In its simplest terms once you give over card information they feel free to take money from your account and they can keep on taking-- even if you stop your paid account on the site. The are able make unauthorized use of your bank or credit cards. Its no use trying to remedy this by getting different card numbers because Visa and Mastercard have a roll over service to your new cards. It is of little use to try to keep control of your finances when you give out bank and credit info to a shady off shore credit processer. These people have figured out how to steal just the right amounts to avoid any domestic legal censure.

Online dating is safe convenient and fun. You don't have to fret about how your dressed or have to shower and shave to rock with the hottest girls at any hour. These babes aggressively make contact with you first..even before you get done setting up your profile.

The money thing. Its next to impossible to cancel auto billing. They may not accept commercial prepaid cards on the guise of this is being an adult site. Since the profiles are fake with computer generated interaction you will not be seeing any off line action.

AffairAlert - fake fraud website


fake profiles, no answer to mails sent. Fake flirts sent to you. Fake mails sent to you with no answers to the questions you pose.

None none none

waste of money should be closed for fraud

John does NOT recommend AffairAlert to friends/family

AffairAlert - Forget it


To many fake profiles. Emails don't seem to go through, flirts go unanswered, not sure if the person you sent it to get's it. Big time delay in who is on line and if they get the message. No Instant messaging, for $50.00 for three months, save you money and time and go some place else. I have never written a review, but for this site I hope I save someone.


Like I said, there are to many fake profiles, they entice you to spend more money for nothing in return. You buy the rights to send texts 100 for $19.95 so you can text the person that has there number listed, and that never seem to work. It is by far the worst site I have ever had the misfortune to join, I suggest you try another site. Adult Friend Finder in a real good one, at least you get your money's worth, and it is up and running all day and night.

Jimmy does NOT recommend AffairAlert to friends/family

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