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Last updated: November 3, 2017
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Want to start living the extra-marital lifestyle today? Interested in discreet married dating? We don't judge. Welcome to the premiere dating website for married men and women from around the world. Join the elite and the discreet -- join

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Find New Passion reviews (8):

Find New Passion - Scam


I only joined FNP for a month ($20) And Im glad it was just for a month
I went on multiple times both Day and Night and could not find anyone to chat with (women or Men) I was always the only one. I would get sometimes and very rarely notification that someone who just joined the site had the same interest I did ,and when I went and logged on they where never there. I sent out numerous messages and likes to other members and never once got a reply .
I tried chatting with other members who where rarely on line but never did they chat back (if only to say hello)
The only thing I must say about this site is they are really good at taking your money and making you think your getting something for nothing.
In 2 words "It sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

none : To mention

everything: To long to list

jackson does NOT recommend Find New Passion to friends/family

Find New Passion - Great for girls!


This site works great for me and I'm sure for other women: a lot of men :-)

ratio works for women
free replies
free IM
low flat fees
real people

Carina does recommend Find New Passion to friends/family

Find New Passion - Not MPRESSED with Site to Date


So far - I can't seem to IM - ratio of members to people on line - less than 0.25 % - something isn't right about that ! I've sent over 20 greetings , member to member e-mails sent. Not ONE response ! Anyone else having issues like this. I even asked a few people who are obviously out of my range - meaning too far away for a meeting,etc... to just confirm they are receiving my greets or messages ... NOTHING ... very suspicious and I feel like I've been ripped off. All I get from website support is these things take time and sorry for your disappointment. I paid $10 and am wondering why I'm reading that the site is free ???? Big disconnect with reality in my opinion and I would not recommend this site !

see above...

Dan B does NOT recommend Find New Passion to friends/family

Find New Passion - Great Site. REAL PEOPLE. NO PROS!


I've been visiting married dating sites for a while :-) All of them are the same: fake desperate housewives, pros who want money, stupid calculation of points, etc. This one is amazing as they don't have anybody trying to make you pay! No solicitation, no pros, no fakes! Flat low fees and amazing customer service! One problem: not enough woman....

low fees
flat fees
no long time contracts
no solicitation
free instant messenger
free to leave
free basic membership

not enough women

Alex does recommend Find New Passion to friends/family

Find New Passion - Terrible site


Ashley Madison has over 8 million members, this site has very few and is very sleazy. I couldn't recommend it. There are very few members, and the couple I communicated were "pros" not people seeking a love connection. I tried to tell them and I got an email in broken english that I couldn't understand. They refused to give me a customer service phone.

Few members, sleazy. Poor service.

Lisa does NOT recommend Find New Passion to friends/family

Find New Passion - WOW! WOW! & OMG, WOW!


I've been on this site for a while and found great new connections. Then today, I did a search and found out they are working to upgrade the site. I found a test page on the web and was blown away by the new design, improved content and much needed touch of sophistication. I've been looking for something far more than just a sexual hook up and I can see that is going to be the future of marital dating sites. Look out Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder! Now, women have an option that leaves them with their dignity!

High Quality Connections; Great Visual Appeal; Clever messaging. As well the site is easy to use/navigate and easier to make connections with men and women with common interests.

Needs more members

Cindy does recommend Find New Passion to friends/family

Find New Passion - EXCELLENT site! Blows Ashley Madison out of the wa


No joke. FNP has everything you would ever need, and it's done for free!

Ashley Madison, and other sites want as much as $300. F that! These services typically take advantage of a person's desperate state of affairs(no pun) and charge whopping amounts of money to IM someone. WTF?

FNP didn't filter my profile info, and I was able to put my email addy up, and read others emails as well.

100% free!

Low user count. Need more married and single (discreet) girls to sign up!

Dominantma does recommend Find New Passion to friends/family

Find New Passion - Great site. Please check it out.



Great site. Excellent customer service. To compare to other married dating sites, it's elite and classy, no low class pictures or content. One problem that is common for all sites of this niche: many more men than women. REAL PEOPLE. I believe it can be called spam free: no scammers or spammers, no solicitation, because all profiles are checked and removed immediately if any suspicious activities are detected. And most important, so far it has 100% FREE Promotional Membership that covers all services on site, and includes Instant Messenger as well as Private Messenger.

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