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Last updated: February 27, 2017
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Girls date for free. Guys spoilt for choice

Girls... Date free and meet more genuine, paid-up guys!

Guys... More girls than guys means more chance of success!

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GirlsDateForFree - I believe this is another scam


It showed up in my Facebook account.... So fine lets check it out: tons of massages and winks started appearing in my inbox (mind you they were all the pre-made one, not personal ones). Some girls even looked very attractive. OK, why don't we try it for 3 days, only 4-5 bucks. sent out about 30 massages for the very girls that supposedly contacted me>>>> NOT ONE answer came back... not even from the old and less attractive ones! Statistically at least a few should have answered back. Anyway, lets just cancell this whole thing: it took like 3 complicated stepps to make that happen! Fantastic: yet an other useless, scammy, garbage, money grabbing dating sites (Ashley Madison anyone?)!

Only the 3 day trial option!

See above: fake girls, profiles, automatic charges to your credit card, hard to cancell account, etc

Zee does NOT recommend GirlsDateForFree to friends/family

GirlsDateForFree - what a scam


What a bunch of scammers all of my contacts lately are from outside of my country that was until my subscription ran out and then all of a sudden I started getting messages and chat requests from members who were quite close. When I renewed my subscription they never answered or just disappeared I have a suspicion the never really existed just a ploy to get me to rejoin but no more they arent getting another cent from me and i warn anyone thinking of joining dont do I havent had one prospective date from this site score out of 10: 0.000000001 and that is being genorous

the only pro I can think of is them being closed down

Too numerous to mention and the space here is way too small

cragio does NOT recommend GirlsDateForFree to friends/family

GirlsDateForFree - 99% scammers and I % genuine


I joined for 1 month looking for a honest and genuine women but straight up I found 99% of the women were scammers from either Ghana or Berlin but hey guess what I did find one honest and genuine lady from my local area and after chatting via the site and a telephone call we meet and are now slowly easing into a loving relationship.



Fred Jones does NOT recommend GirlsDateForFree to friends/family

GirlsDateForFree - scammers on gdff


I joined this site,to find all of the so called girls live in Ghana, this must be scammers paradise over there,I've received many messages that not one of them lives here in the U.S., im hoping to get my subscription disappointed that there cannot be a better control over these types of sites who make dating look so easy. They use other women's pics to deceive the guy who is seriously wanting a true relationship, this is extortion maybe I should start a site and scam people out of their money, but to me its not American to do that to other people, these scammers have no moral values, sitting behind they're pcs and generating money from unsuspecting singles who want real love,I think we should go back to the old ways of dating in the 80s when you really had to be in person and really work to get a date,as long as we have the net its not going to get any better,[email protected] for reading this.

No pros

Scammers delight.

steve l. does NOT recommend GirlsDateForFree to friends/family

GirlsDateForFree - born in the morning but not this morning


Its very tempting but obviously is operated by scammers/creative missdirection of peoples weeknesses and openess to be loved

you will get schooled /educated will learn that @least 99percent of datingsites are bullshit just because it widly advertised or on facebook or a new site doesnt mean its ligitimate if you want to save yourself alot of money and time there is or same exact site free to email read send not a lot of choices or you can pay at anyone member or free profile can send or read e-mail messeges to or from paying members but there is not very many paying members but remember anyone can join any site your up against teams of scammers that collectively milk info that they can use sell. look at yahoo messenger a cyber world packed with scammers they dont just stick to yahoo. dating sites have been set up by these very scammers like amatuermatch and many other sites my advise date local dont bother with long distance crap it will rob you of your time and efforts date local and dont join for free profiles from non sexually promoted sites hot chick with perfect tits or web cam girls optional services or free with memberships a obvious trap for opptamistic care free personalities and blind faith the world/life is not as advertised evryone wants your money everyone. its up to you to realise it and be responsible and not fall for fairytails words dont equal truth its great to go for that royal flush but you need to realise when your not holding that hand of possibilities the last person you should believe is someone trying to sell you something or themself

automated site i sent 30 friends requests and all 30 replied instantly and evenly same time for all messages from send friend request to time of email alert now are they just siting waiting for a guy with no picture nothing but the nessesary info for a free profile to show interest in them and they were the hottest women on that site 30 10's 30 new friends give me a break I was born in the morning but not this morning you will spend hundreds of dollars on dateing sites and end up with hundreds spent on dates if you find anyone thats serious and not just there checking things out now if you like the fat girls you have a lot better chance of success obviously fat doesnt sell product. good luck youll need it or a boat load of money and no respect for it everyone wants your money its just are they going to try to get it honestly making a fair but tempting offer, or lie and con it out of your pocket buyer beware if its to good to be true it mostlikely is everyone lies everyone but to what extent and everyone believes things that aren't really true just because they hears or read it people tell you what they want you to believe and what you want to hear advertisers spend billions to research you inside and out to see what trigers your intrest and impulses to buy there products if you think tabacco companies were dirty advertisers and pushers they are the same advertisers that advertise any product for what yes money! not a pessimist just a realist that dosent hide behind opptimism theres a balance between the two again good luck because even this site is advertising sites that are crap look to the left most of these dateing sites will milk you out of your cash thats the way things work this site is here to make money from advertising datingsites go figure reality check hello mcfly I recomend pof

steve does NOT recommend GirlsDateForFree to friends/family

GirlsDateForFree - Scammers, scammers & MORE scammers


Every man I have spoken to claims to have a child who is terminally ill & the child's mother is dead!!! He then tells me that I must save his child by sending him money for an operation that will save the child's life! Without this operation, the child will die in a African third world country hospital. Then he claims that he loves me, & can't live without me! As soon as I send him money (which he promises to pay back with interest), he & his child will fly to me & we will live happily ever after in paradise!
Same crap, different day!

Professional Pathological Liars!


Lisa does NOT recommend GirlsDateForFree to friends/family

GirlsDateForFree - frustrated member


Don't know can't get in touch with them at the number they give (0845-838-5600) on their website. This is a mess!

I called and their numer is disconnected, so how does a person get ahold of them?

Geme does NOT recommend GirlsDateForFree to friends/family

GirlsDateForFree - Do not join and PAY


fools people into spending their money


Fools you into paying for the membership.How do they do it ?

1. A regular member will recieve emails from women he has contacted
In reality its the computer responding on behalf of the person you've contacted.

2. Thinking you've scored you will purchase a paid package which is just what they want

3. Your money has been taken and you never will recieve any contact from the women because they never really existed.

Vinoth does NOT recommend GirlsDateForFree to friends/family

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