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Last updated: March 31, 2017
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This website doesn't exist anymore!

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GoHookup.com - Total scam


This site is a scam in the first 4 days.I recieved about 12 veiws and countless winks and flirts from supposed girls in my area.I live in a very small community and I know a lot of women here not nessecarly by name but face.I have not seen one of these girls around they don't exist.There was one I thought maybe?They send a quick sexy freindly e-mail then you can't get them to respond except a wink here and a flirt there,but no return e-mail.My geusse is that they are busy e-mailing some other poor sucker.Plus half the time the site wouldn't load or had a response time as slow as death.Ihave no problems with any other sites but this one another givaway was showed one girl in front of a bathroom mirror with a toilet and bidet in the backgound that lived 3 miles away we rednecks don't have bidets around here.On a good note they did cacel my auto renewal.

Sexy young attractive girls that you love to get with

To bad you'll never get your hands on one of these sexy things

Ronald Jon does NOT recommend GoHookup.com to friends/family

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