is the UK's biggest and longest running dating site for wedded individuals. Secured in 2003, we have been giving a gathering spot to similar wedded and joined individuals in excess of 10 years. Our parts have one thing in common - they are all searching for a little sentiment outside their ebb and flow relationship. Whether that is the infrequent bit of coy talk, a consistent espresso date, or an out and out issue, that is dependent upon them. practices itself in making non judgement, no-weight environment for our parts. It takes the security and obscurity of our parts genuinely, which is the reason we offer exceptional peculiarities, for example, secret word insurance on photos, to ensure their characters. We will additionally never impart any of your individual information or contact data with other dating locales - when you sign up to, that is all you're joining to. Other than trading letters, you can likewise utilize web-cam visit, which our dating webpage offers. This peculiarity is likewise completely free. This is a huge in addition, since you can hear AND additionally see an alternate client in the event that he/she isn't so apathetic it is not possible turn their Polaroid on. Keeping in mind the end goal to communicate in the talk rooms, you and your companion ought to be online in the meantime. On the off chance that you both live in diverse time zones, one of you will need to get ready enough espresso to continue going. With in excess of 900,000 parts over the UK, you're certain to discover your ideal match. To discover what our parts consider us, visit our testimonials page. Click on the room you might want to enter and afterward click the Join Selected Room catch. You can see other individuals in the visit room by clicking on their name in the room rundown. You can additionally make your own particular feature visit room by clicking on the My Public or Private Room catch. Our visit has a framework which permits you to have your own particular private room which is watchword secured. You won't be aggravated by different clients from the general population campaign as private rooms if you use

Illicit Encounters Reviews

    Racist Website and will delete you for no apparent reason

    When i first joined it was going very well, had one rude guy post me a message, of which i put in his place.
    I am not sure if he complained or if it was when i was amending my profile. I got told i was not suitable for the site.
    God only knows what suitable was supposed to be as i had a large response from guys in fact in my first few hours of joining i had 22 messages.
    When i emailed the support email address, they did not give any reason for freezing my details, i had 16 messages i was not able to respond to.
    When i asked why am i still being emailed updates from men who are interested and i am not being able to respond, still no response from the support dept.
    I can clearly boil this down to racism as i am a good looking black woman who was very popular on this site.
    There are hardly any black women on this site and my friend who is white persuaded me to join in the beginning. By the way she is still on the site.
    I would not recommend this site as it seems if you are of colour looking for a stress free bit of fun, it does not apply to you.

    Lots of guys for women

    The support is crap and also if you are of colour then you clearly do not meet the criteria.


    I first joined Illicit Encounters about a year ago. As a natural sceptic and having had bad experiences on other dating sites I initially baulked at the high price. However after quite a few messages from ladies had built up in my Inbox temptation got the better of me and I paid to become a full member. I immediately got into a conversation with several ladies. What was refreshing was that they were unquestionably real! We had proper flirty chats and I arranged to meet one in person. It took a while though. I guess having an affair is a big step, so building up to a meeting in the flesh probably took longer than on a site like However what I liked was that the lady in question and I were in the same boat, with the same desires and expectations. When we did finally meet, it confirmed to me why I started looking for love outside of my marriage in the first place. It's filled such a gap in my life that I'm amazed I didn't do it sooner.

    If my experience is anything to go by, Illicit Encounters was the fulfillment at the end of a sometimes frustrating journey through the minefield of online dating. It worked for me so it might for you!

    - You're looking for the same thing as the ladies on the site
    - Secure - better than using emails, mobile phones etc.
    - Genuine ladies
    - Decent choice

    - Expensive
    - More men than women, but not as bad as elsewhere
    - Patience required in getting to meet up in person


    I got a good response from this site. It's fun and you dont have to part with any money!

    Doesn't work. Don't waste your time

    Sorry, this site really does NOT work. I thought the high price would justify the quality. Having made a lot of effort to write a genuine and thoughtful profile, it's come to no avail. I never actually got a response from any of the women I liked. Occasionally I do, to say no thanks. But that's it.

    Now some of these profiles are definitely fake. And there is sadly a high ratio of men, so women have the pick. Plus a lot of them want their ideal. They're way too fussy it seems. And to be honest, to big yourself up in a profile like this is not something most people can do, or would do. Even if they're extremely confident.

    So, likely that they'll leave out people that they would have been very happy with

    I wish it wasn't the case, but this was so very much a waste of £129.

    - Too expensive
    - How long do you have?!


    Contrary to Douglas's experience I've met and conducted affairs with two fabulous and genuine women through Illicit Encounters. On each occasion I bought a membership and began communicating with like minded women almost immediately.

    Yes, the site is expensive, but in my experience this serves to weed out the scammers and bogus profiles prevalent on other similar but cheaper sites. Both my partners and I appreciated meeting on a discreet dating site where because all members are married or in relationships, we had as much to loose if found out.

    None of us wished to break up our marriages but were just looking to fill in the sexual gaps missing at home. Although happily seeing someone at the moment, if for any reason this broke up I will be re-joining Illicit Encounters as I think it offers the best chance of finding someone suitable.

    Genuine members
    High price filters out time wasters


    Illicit Encounters Need to Come Clean

    I have been a paid member of this site on two seperate occasions. During my last membership period a women who i was communicating with confirmed that she had been approached by the site to encourage men to upgrade their membership. Interestingly although this was approx 12 months ago, this women still has an acitve listing on the site.

    Now if fairness to IE, I cant verify this as I never met the women, but i do know her email address, and her current listing so it should be easy to investigate. I also had a mobile number but that stopped working after i left the site..(Pay as go SIM i wonder....)

    There appears to be something wrong with this site. Yes there are testimonials on the website but from my experience there is a shortage of genunine women using the site.
    I have never met a women from this site, but have done so on other sites with lower fees.

    I wonder how many men actually renew their membership, this is data that the IE should be able to supply to either confirm or deny my concerns that this site is about hitting the customer once, and recruiting new customers...

    My advice........Avoid

    Easy to use

    Very Low sucess rate

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