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Last updated: November 3, 2017
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Illicit Encounters is the UK's biggest and longest running dating site for wedded individuals. Secured in 2003, we have been giving a gathering spot to similar wedded and joined individuals in excess of 10 years. Our parts have one thing in common - they are all searching for a little sentiment outside their ebb and flow relationship. Whether that is the infrequent bit of coy talk, a consistent espresso date, or an out and out issue, that is dependent upon them. practices itself in making non judgement, no-weight environment for our parts. It takes the security and obscurity of our parts genuinely, which is the reason we offer exceptional peculiarities, for example, secret word insurance on photos, to ensure their characters. We will additionally never impart any of your individual information or contact data with other dating locales - when you sign up to, that is all you're joining to.

Other than trading letters, you can likewise utilize web-cam visit, which our dating webpage offers. This peculiarity is likewise completely free. This is a huge in addition, since you can hear AND additionally see an alternate client in the event that he/she isn't so apathetic it is not possible turn their Polaroid on. Keeping in mind the end goal to communicate in the talk rooms, you and your companion ought to be online in the meantime. On the off chance that you both live in diverse time zones, one of you will need to get ready enough espresso to continue going. With in excess of 900,000 parts over the UK, you're certain to discover your ideal match. To discover what our parts consider us, visit our testimonials page. Click on the room you might want to enter and afterward click the Join Selected Room catch. You can see other individuals in the visit room by clicking on their name in the room rundown. You can additionally make your own particular feature visit room by clicking on the My Public or Private Room catch. Our visit has a framework which permits you to have your own particular private room which is watchword secured. You won't be aggravated by different clients from the general population campaign as private rooms if you use

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Illicit Encounters reviews (56):

Illicit Encounters - Fraud


Same experience as many others, lots of contact then once I paid, very little. Date with one lady but she was nothing like her photo.
To cover my tracks I got a credit card just for illicit things, used it to pay for Illicit Encounters then it was hit for £2K+ of fraud, it was never used for anything else.
Overall its not worth the trouble,

None really

C Card scammed from the site,

KeithJ does NOT recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - another day being abused from members of illicit e


another day today and another abusive man from illicit encounters. I told him I wasnt interested after he contacted me from the site and I told him it was because I had had abuse false accusations and a month of rubbish from another man. he pretended to be supportive then said texting and e mailing was not satisfying for him and got nasty when I said I didnt want to meet because I was still shell shocked from the last loony who contacted me. surprise surprise same thing, twisted my words turned everything I said around on me told me I needed professional help because I wouldnt meet him. same old same old. The men actually have a list of demands on there. she must be this, she must do that. she must, she must. They think they are buying prostitutes because they have paid the site. I would think very carefully before you try this site as a woman. there are the battle worn women on there but if you are at all normal and expect a normal person to talk to run for your life

the odd man that is decent

you leave yourself open to nasty predators who think they can talk to you like dirt because they have paid a subscription fee to do so. watch out for the false allegations when you dont want to meet loonys

trudyy does NOT recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - illicitencounters very scary


I joined and pretty soon realised there are only really a very small amount of men. But you are as a woman open to all kinds of abuse because they are paying and they think they can treat you any way they want. I was contacted by a man who asked me out and I genuinely couldnt make it. He said we could be friends then made a date with another woman. I was supportive, the more supportive I was the nastier he got saying I pushed women away. He then accused me of stalking him after he contacted me sent me three gifts and said the site was going to contact the police. I was actually seeing a police officer I met on there so I was really scared as thought how embarrassing this may be for him. The women may not have to pay but if you are genuine you have to take an awful lot of rubbish from the men. I was crying for weeks every time this man contacted me twisted what I said or lied about me. Is it worth it. NO. The administrators should have more sense than to go along with these loonys.

some nice men who you can talk to

open to abusive men who pay so get away with it

trudy does NOT recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - Frighteningly Easy!


I joined without paying and very soon, of course, realised that unless you fork out serious money you might as well not be there.

It is a lot and I made sure I took the minimum subscription out. I paid on Wednesday, was in contact with several genuine ladies by Wednesday night and was in bed with a very nice lady on Thursday!

OK...I'm late 40's and the ladies I'm looking for are 40 to 60's and not super models by any means. Even so it was almost frighteningly easy to meet good genuine people.

There were some obvious players but in my area there were genuine bored married women looking for extra.

Hopefully I don't need to say keep your wits about you and safe sex at least until you properly know your partner.

Bottom line....the site does what it says on the tin as long as you're honest and not too trusting you'll be fine!

Met and started a sexual relationship very soon after joining. Be honest and open and you might find it almost frighteningly easy to meet someone.

My age group...late 40's through 50's had a good few genuine local ladies. If you specifically want younger, slim, fit women you may be chasing a very few genuine ones.

Be aware some of the women are players r pros but these are easy to spot.

Cornish To does recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - Scam


poor management & not enough man to woman ratio

wouldn't recommend to ANYONE


Amerie does NOT recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - Loadsamoney


I agree with most of the reviews on here. I've been on and off IE for several years. I paid to join twice and have met several ladies from the site. my advice is as follows:

1) Bad - A lot of female profiles on this site are 'fake', they are set up by the website admin or commissioned scammers. They know that gullible men are led by their d*cks and not their brains and as such are gullible and fork out loadsamoney in order to get sex.

2) Bad - This site should stop 'Free' membership for ladies as it encourages bored neglected housewives with nothing better to do with their days to go online and lead men on. However the site won't make them pay as it's them that get the gullible men to join and pay up.

3) Good(ish) - I did meet 4 ladies in the 2 times i joined. three of them I met only once and they weren't interested and the fourth was a raving nymphomaniac who in all honesty I couldnt handle as she was totally bonkers.. Her and hubby were in an open relationship and shagging their way round the whole of Kent. But heck she was gorgeous !!!!


Would reccomend but only if they lowered the mebership price.
If you know what you're looking for and are decent with the ladies on there you may just get lucky.

Memberships are too pricey, I'm not a skinflint just a realist. I would pay for the membership if you were guaranteed of genuine ladies but 50% are fakes or scammers...

Poeticman does recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - Illicit Encounters: Luck is the key


I have used this site on and off since 2005. I have met some very nice women, three of whom I have had strong relationships with. However, it is not all plain sailing as in order to get to the truffles you have to pick up lots of stones on the way. I guess I might be quite unusual as I am exclusive with the women that I see and I don't test drive half the women on the site which some men do. The seemingly scattergun approach of some of the men make the women very wary, especially those who have been on there before and so know the form.

I have seen some bad reviews of the site and some good reviews, but like all things you get out of it what you put into it. If you expect the woman of your dreams to land in your lap you without you expending much effort you will be disappointed. If you are willing to go on there for two or three months (extortionate I know), weed out the players, scammers and fakes and play nice then you might well get lucky. But luck is the key here. There are some genuine women and you have to really search to find them, especially in the London area where there appear to be women who are paid to lead men along and then mysteriously disappear just before your membership is due to expire.

In summary, weed out the players, bored "I can only meet during the day" housewives, those who want to be "pampered" or "spoilt" (Golddiggers), young 20 somethings who clearly do not have the maturity to be on a site like that (most of them are professionals) and those who have been on there for ages (the profile number gives it away). Try to get a phone number as soon as you can, but don't be pushy. If you get a refusal or "I will do it just before we meet" then they are probably players and don't waste your time. Most genuine women have a second pay as you go phone for this purpose anyway. Don't expect sex on a first date, have a flirt and a snog and arrange a second. If you get the second date then it's likely you will end up having sex.

I'm lucky as I have met the most gorgeous and lovely woman on there and I don't intend to go back to illicit encounters because I believe I have met "the one"

It can work if you are willing to put the effort in
Community spirit with IE events put on where you can actually meet women from the site without the commitment of a date

Bored housewives
Neglected women who want to feel wanted but won't do anything
Serial daters who see which men spend the most on dinner but won't do anything

Illicit Encounters - Be honest


I have joined on 5 occasions in the last four years. Am pretty average...and have slept with 14 women from the site, from a stunning 28 year old, to a gorgeous late-thirtysomething, to a saggy old 52 year old, and everything in between. Probably had coffee with another 30 or so. It\'s fair to say that it takes a wee while to spot the timewasters and, given the cost involved, that could easily be enough to put many off after a month. Thing is, I\'ve never tried to be anything I\'m not with any of the women I\'ve ended up with, and most have commented that this is a bit of a rarity (which to me is a shocker!). Stay honest, try to make them chuckle (before you start banging on about what you want to do with them) and you may be surprised. I\'ve met some fab people and, hand on heart, can say I have had the best sex ever with three ladies I have met on this site. It\'s easy to be negative when some sad housewife dicks you about (the guy above that talks about the serial spammers is right - aim for the newer members who seem likely tobe more \'genuine\')...and never think that a certainty is a certainty...but persevere and I\'m sure you won\'t complain. Incidentally, I don\'t work for the site and have no agenda for posting this...but loads of reviews seem to be negative. Just wanted to redress the balance a tad...

Getting laid

Cost - horrific!

ADR does recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - If you can't afford an affair, don't hav


I've been using Illicit Encounters for over 3 years, I have also used dozens of other dating sites. In fact I met my first and second wife on dating sites and use Illicit Encounters to look for discreet affairs.

Like the others I have found some of the 'issues' they described but lets be realistic here, you get scammers, 'professionals' on ALL dating sites, I found that if I reported these people to the admin of Illicit Encounters, they dealt with them pretty quickly - it is not in their interest to have these people on their site after all and it's bad for business.

The site is expensive I guess - it really is relative. How much do you value being able to arrange a discreet affair in privacy and in your own time ? Sure I could go to a pub, club but where am I going to find the time to crawl dozens of venues, potentially exposing myself in public ? Like my title, having an affair and keeping it discreet is not cheap so the price of the membership really is almost irrelevant if you get what you are looking for. The price is high to keep male / female ratio balanced and it is also a kind of commitment barrier, you are not going to fork out that money if you are going to be a tyre kicker. Also people forget there is the element of 'Prestige' - it is a premium site ... Just because you cannot afford a Ferrari, does not then make Ferrari a crap car etc - talk about sour grapes

People will always complain and make excuses or blame the service for their own failures, I mean if you going on with a username like 'Cl*t Licker' - do you really expect women to respond to you ? Some people are just stupid and no matter how much they pay, they will still fail.

I won't recommend this to friends/family - people that tick that, ummm yeah right. I would recommend it to a stranger anonymously however with a bit of advice...

Don't be naive, people are never who they seem to be, especially online.

Take things slow.

Be careful about your identity until you are sure and ready to meet someone face to face.

Report the scammers.

Don't be a cheap skate.

Premium site, good female to male ratio

Lots of membership options

Good support

New features and updates frequently - keeps site fresh and exciting.

Possibly Price but if you make the effort, you shouldn't have to pay for a long membership.

Not easy - but then if something was too easy, it probably isn't worth keeping

Illicit Encounters - Danger - save your money


I read reviews of the site before so I knew there were fake profiles and I had also been told that women journalists use the site, but I had been a non - gold member for while and thought I had seen some genuine women's profiles. Wrong. Once I paid all the interest (like "virtual kisses" on my profile) stopped dead. Of those I wrote to most did not even reply, one asked for money nearly straight away and one other - who I was quite keen on - eventually admitted to be in it for the flirting but did not want to meet. Then a day before my subscription was due to run out the "virtual kisses" started again. I would feel better in myself if I had given the money to charity. Complete waste of time and money. The site is a scam, as simple as that.


Few, if any, real women.
Of those that are "real" some are sex workers
Site might be used by journalists looking for stories. Beware!

Frank Hopg does NOT recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

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