Makes me think it's only for men

Makes me think it's only for men

My issue is with koreancupid as well. I am a woman who is nothing to sneeze at looks or qualities wise. I went through the lengthy process of filling out all the information, was able to do some searching for about an hour. Then I went to check and see if I had a verification email-no. Also when I tried to edit my profile "I was locked.'I stepped away from he computer and when I came back I had to log back in this is the message I received :

Profile Terminated

Your profile has been terminated and cannot be reactivated.

If you believe that you have received this message in error then please contact [email protected]

So I did just that I contacted them and it has been 72 hours and nothing. I thought well maybe it was my pic. So I tried again with a different email....same thing happened. too bad. Anyhow I recommend skout I've met lots of great people on their from all over the world :)

It seems really put together well. They're very good at making it 'look' like you can actually have

I actually saw some decent prospects, too bad :(

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