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    I somehow stumbled on to this site ‘Korean cupid’ by mistake. I put in the basic info to open a profile. I had few hits to communicate.. only after I pay. I read their profile prior to opening up my acct. which most were I assumed fakes. When I dropped out of the payment page for insecurity - handful of hits arrived from women that appeared to be models. So, I checked all their profiles and found to be made up by some fat, lazy, cigar smoking, beer drinking guy wearing a dirty wife-beater tank top (cut & pasting fake profiles) assuming peeps are dumb as they are. It’s a bait & hook operation that sucks up legit peeps money. When I emailed them asking the accuracy of the profiles.. I got no response. After I stated that I wasn’t going to click the final confirm acct and pay icon - my pictures started to get deleted. The hits has stopped and it seems there is someone reading the emails and messing with your profile w/out communication and a simple key stroke restricting you to run a muck in their site. Go back in w/ a new email and the walls are gone. Guess they don’t have the ability to check for same up address with multiple emails.. wonder how many fakes are out there?

    There are more real peeps standing on the outside fence looking in than real profiles inside the site. Only if you can communicate with real peeps on the fence line - they are all real.. maybe, create a new free site ‘koreancupid fence peeps’ and open communicate there.. Haha

    Junk site


    They suspended my account and I didn't do anything wrong. Maybe it was because I wasn't going to pay a lot of money to get nowhere

    Seems like scam

    I'm a Korean man living in Colorado. I decided to give this site a try since I've never dated a Korean girl before nor do I know any in person. I don't really care to date Korean but my parents insisted. So just to satisfy their wish, I joined this site and tried for couple months. Koreancupid is really shady. It seems that a lot of profiles are fake and they would send me "likes" or "interested" without even visiting my profile. And ones that could just might be real, doesn't want to pay for the pricey membership. So there is no real communication.


    Scam, fake, expensive, no free communication.

    Do not reccomend

    I tried to sign up to this site, being an attractive girl that is looking for a serious relationship I thought they would welcome me, but no, my profile was terminated within an hour, before I could even contact anyone. I even submitted my ID for verification, and a photo of myself, but apparently they don't allow real girls looking for a serious relationship on the site. I emailed support but no response. They should at least tell me why it was terminated since I see no reason. To keep my ID information without telling me why my profile was terminated should be illegal. I do not recommend this site.


    Terrible experience

    Westerners Bias

    Tried this koreancupid sometime ago, however all the ladies, be it fake or genuine ones, they all seem to target and specify only westerners accepted ... this disappoints us, the non-westerners seriously.

    At least i've tried engaging a real deal with a genuine lady and met her in person in korea during my annual overseas vacation. A pity she wasnt a person with much perseverance.

    Met a real korean lady in person, but the remaining ladies either were non-existent or only eyes for westerners, too bad for the non-westerners. I'm a Singaporean by the way, too disappointed.

    Makes me think it's only for men

    My issue is with koreancupid as well. I am a woman who is nothing to sneeze at looks or qualities wise. I went through the lengthy process of filling out all the information, was able to do some searching for about an hour. Then I went to check and see if I had a verification email-no. Also when I tried to edit my profile "I was locked.'I stepped away from he computer and when I came back I had to log back in this is the message I received :

    Profile Terminated

    Your profile has been terminated and cannot be reactivated.

    If you believe that you have received this message in error then please contact [email protected]

    So I did just that I contacted them and it has been 72 hours and nothing. I thought well maybe it was my pic. So I tried again with a different email....same thing happened. too bad. Anyhow I recommend skout I've met lots of great people on their from all over the world :)

    It seems really put together well. They're very good at making it 'look' like you can actually have promise...lol

    I actually saw some decent prospects, too bad :(

    Eh, it's ok. Did its job but not well

    Well. I met many girls from here though many are clearly fake. Even seen profiles with Korean celebrities as pics xD but after talking with 3 separate girls I settled with one of them. She's awesome. But quite honestly the fact you can't contact at all without paying ever is a pain.

    I did meet a nice girl. 3 really. Lol and eases the reach out between Americans and Koreans romantically interested in someone of the other culture

    No fre communication at all. Many clearly fake profile.

    No good

    I joined for a year paid $120.00 but few girls send me a interest mail but i don't know if they are even exist. Looks like most girls are fake and not even exist.
    I send the E-mail to customer servise for refund my money 3 days later i joined. because i didn't satisfied but i don't heard anything from them at all NO ANSWER. Once you pay thats it !! I lost $120.00 in split second from a bad choice i made.
    I hope there are no more victim like me through this website



    KoreanCupid works!!

    I just got engaged to a beautiful Korean lady I met on KoreanCupid after I searched many other sites. We contackted once on the site, exchanged emails, facebook profiles and skype, so we were sure both parties are for real. Then I visited her in person. We are both very happy and in love!!

    You can easily spot a scammer. Never include personal info, send money. Verify the person on fb and skype. KoreanCupid screen their members.

    Like all sites, scammers are everywhere. Avoid anyone asking for money.

    Lots of Fake profiles

    I've looked at this site and its sister sites. Yes there are way too many fake profiles. There may be some actual users but they are few and far between. The owners of the site in the terms and conditions claim copyright on your photos and even admit to using them to create profiles on their other sites. Also the prices are too high. Yes you can join for free, but then you can't do jack shit.

    At least on other sites like Plenty of Fish you can actually use the site for free. And there are actual people on there.



    Too many fake profiles!

    I am an Attractive Korean-American that have no problems meeting girls but I decided living in Arizona, there are not enough Korean girls to choose from. So I decided to expand my search. It is very obvious when you see pics that are professionally taken by a photographer and the girl is a model. Typically they have one or very few pics. Their profiles say absolutely nothing revealing about them. They all pretty much say the same thing: very short and concise. I feel it is a con to get people to sign up! I have sent message and even tried to chat live with the ones I found attractive (my standards are high) and none ever respond. However, they keep sending me they are interested me messages!

    None! Just pretty girls to look at that you can never get a hold of because they don't exist!


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