I somehow stumbled on to this site ‘Korean cupid’ by mistake. I put in the basic info to open a profile. I had few hits to communicate.. only after I pay. I read their profile prior to opening up my acct. which most were I assumed fakes. When I dropped out of the payment page for insecurity - handful of hits arrived from women that appeared to be models. So, I checked all their profiles and found to be made up by some fat, lazy, cigar smoking, beer drinking guy wearing a dirty wife-beater tank top (cut & pasting fake profiles) assuming peeps are dumb as they are. It’s a bait & hook operation that sucks up legit peeps money. When I emailed them asking the accuracy of the profiles.. I got no response. After I stated that I wasn’t going to click the final confirm acct and pay icon - my pictures started to get deleted. The hits has stopped and it seems there is someone reading the emails and messing with your profile w/out communication and a simple key stroke restricting you to run a muck in their site. Go back in w/ a new email and the walls are gone. Guess they don’t have the ability to check for same up address with multiple emails.. wonder how many fakes are out there?

There are more real peeps standing on the outside fence looking in than real profiles inside the site. Only if you can communicate with real peeps on the fence line - they are all real.. maybe, create a new free site ‘koreancupid fence peeps’ and open communicate there.. Haha

Junk site

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