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  3. Write your review about is much more than regular russian singles website, it is a major russian dating site to find a date, a woman or man, in FSU, russian women, ukrainian women, belarus women, and other countries, including all Eastern European countries, Western Europe, UK, Canada, America and Australia Details

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It is the best dating site I ve ever seen because it is well supported and a lot of visitors alow to commiunicate with your desired taste. I recommand everyone who is interested in having a adventurous dating. - for lucky lovers


The best dating site I have ever seen in my opinion. I recommend this website for those who want a dating. - About luckylovers


I have been using this dating site for many years and I really recommand this for those who want enjoy dating

Ali does recommend to friends/family - best dating site


Review: is the best dating site where you can meet real peoples.

Gulz does recommend to friends/family - The Older They Are, The More Sincere


Review: is "not" a scam dating web site in its intention, although there are a number of scamming women on the site. Basically, the formula is simple. They younger they are (under 30), without children, & the more photos they have of themselves that look like modeling shots, you would have more of a chance of winning your state's lottery than getting a date, much less starting a serious relationship with a woman on this website. Don't even consider a woman unless she is over age 30. Then, your odds that she is not a scammer, or a woman that just gets her rocks off by leading on as many single guys as she can who are looking for real sincere relationships, greatly increase. I started a serious back and forth commentary with a 32 year old, childless, single woman from the Ukraine, that is not a 10 on the looks scale, but easily an 8-9 on most men's attractiveness scales for women. Here are some hints to make sure they are sincere: Have them send you photos from their daily lives, and not set up shots like in their profiles. Have them tell you about their families, jobs, schooling, etc..., to make them "work" at responding to you, as if scammers, they get tired of guys that they will have to make too much of an effort to scam out of money, and will stop communicating with you. Make sure they know up front, that if you really end up liking each other, that "she" will have to come visit you, and the let her know up front the costs a passport, tourist visa, and airline tickets can be costly (this is the big hiccup guys, as most women in the Ukraine or Russia on these sites, do not have a lot of money, & you will have to decide by their responses how sincere they are when they tell you they cannot afford all the things required to visit you in your country - The best reply to this is to try to barter with them, telling them if they can manage to pay for their passport and visa, and send you proof, you will pay for their airline tickets - By the response they give you, it is pretty easy to see if they are sincere about really finding a life partner on this dating site). Remember guys, it costs about $2000 to $2500 for one of these Ukraine or Russian girls to get all the necessary legal documents and travel arrangements to come to a country like America. In the end, most of the girls on either do not have the means, or will tell you they do not have the means, to afford these costs. So, do your due diligence to check them out well in advance & try to get them to call you on the phone or to web cam with you. Also, there are private investigative agencies that can check these women out, if you want to make the effort and expense to be 100% sure, which might be the best and only full proof option there is to see if these foreign women are scammers or sincere in their intenetions.

Not a Scammer website.
More women sincere than not about meeting a prospective mate.

There are scammer women on this website, most being under age 30 and that look like swimsuit models.
Pool of women is not that extensive, and if you haven't found a woman that you hit it off with in the first few weeks, your chances diminish greatly of meeting anyone on this site.
Most women on this site do not have the financial means to pay for passports, visas, and airline tickets, so guess who will have to foot the bill, if it gets to the point where you believe both of you want to meet ?

Dakota does recommend to friends/family - the best dating site


Hi Dear friends if you really interested in finding a partner from all over the world try It is a russian dating site but not limited to russia. you can travel together with same destination and enjoy vacation and search for online members and filter your desired partner. try it soon.

ali does recommend to friends/family - Yes, Luckylovers worked for me


My wife and I met on LuckyLovers Net 3.5 years ago and we are going on our first anniversary soon. I would just like to thank the staff of LL for taking good care of us when we were doing the fiancee visa application. LuckyLovers is a smaller operation and it feels like they care about the members. Thank you.

It worked for me! We are happily married for 1 year now. No disguises at LuckyLovers.


Bran.T does recommend to friends/family - LuckyLovers Takes Care of Its Members - Highly Rec


LuckyLovers is straight forward and easy to use. It's simply a meeting place for western men and eastern european women. The staff takes care of its members by getting rid of fake and scamming profiles daily. I have met a few geniune women on that site.

It's not at all like those scammy fishy sites where women show interest in you the moment you sign up and you pay per letter/email/etc. Women are paid to show interest in you on those sites.

anti scam protection
been around for over a decade
met some nice geniune women on that site

Aldok does recommend to friends/family - How makes the world smaller


Review: is a website that opens new prospects in terms of meetings; it gives people from around the world the opportunity to make serious dating, making new friends and maybe meet the love of your life in Russia, Ukraine and many other countries. The interest of the site lies in the many tools and various functionalities which are made available for all users in order to fulfill their desires and dreams in living their romances. The world becomes really small with

Samamazigh does recommend to friends/family

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