Lunch Actually Review - Lunch Actually is the worst dating agency in the world

Lunch Actually - Lunch Actually is the worst dating agency in the w


Before you join, lunch actually tell you that all their clients are serious in finding a partner as they pay a high price to join.

This is not true. Many of the girls who join are not serious in finding a partner.

All their consultants have targets to hit.

Telemarketers will keep on calling you to pester you to go for their free consultant so they can hit their call targets.

Dating consultants have sales target to hit so they will pester you to sign up their expensive date packages.

The date packages comes with free image and coaching workshop. Over there, the consultants have sales targets to hit too so they will say your dress sense and communication skills is lously, you need to sign up the packages or else your dates will not want to go out with you than you waste your money.

After preying on singles, now lunch actually wants to go to church to prey on christians to join them.

Please do a good deed warn your friends not to join them. Spread the news around so as to raise awareness.


As above

Wei wang does NOT recommend Lunch Actually to friends/family


Date: November 7, 2017 - 12:06

By: Lunch Actually

Dear Wei Wang, Lunch Actually have been in operation for more than 10 years. We are a legitimate company with thousands of customers. Naturally, we have a sales team with sales target.

However, we have a very strict membership protocol - When a customer is interested to join our membership, we will first check if we have suitable matches for this member. If we do not have any matches for this new customer, we will reject his/her membership application. In fact, we actually reject more than 30% of customers monthly due to various reasons. Bottom line, we only sign up new members who are sincere to look for a life partner, and we know we can help them.

I just checked our database, and we do not have a customer name Wei Wang, are you competitor?

If you are a legitimate customer who is upset with our service, please do not hesitate to call us at +65 6532 0010.

Date: February 2, 2018 - 6:11

By: Lee

In public forum, can't we use a nickname? Common sense. People used real name when they complained directly to your office. When someone lost confidence that Lunch Actually can help them and the person wanted to warn others about their misfortune via complaint forum, of course it make 100% sense not to real name!

Asking if the complaining person is competitor?? what a lame excuse, lousy stunt to misguide the readers!
Maybe you are desperate to get away with these complaints but asking back if the writer is competitor is highly unprofessional.
Well, so which competitor are you suspecting?
Maybe someone should forward these series of complaints to other dating agencies? for them to know that Lunch Actually trying to cover itself by tai chi to other companies.

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