Throughout the years, the Cupid Media network has given the world of dating many great niche websites for people of different ethnicities and nationalities. The network has also extended its offer to websites dedicated to certain professions and activities – one of those sites is Cupid Military. Established in 2006, Cupid Military has brought together and helped military personnel find and discover their lifetime partners. The website has been steadily growing ever since it was launched, and, today, the number of active users on this dating website has surpassed half a million. The website is not exclusive to military people – those who are looking for a husband or wife with a military career are more than welcome. Creating a profile on this website takes minutes, and now, anyone can have an instant account linked to his or her Facebook. Also, you can take advantage of the website’s great features to find the perfect match. What can you do on Cupid Military? For starters, users can review other profiles. This way, you can say goodbye to scammers and spammers. On Cupid Military, you will find only real, authentic people who are interested in knowing you better. As with most Cupid websites, you will have access to advance messaging features, as well as to search ones. That's why you can find a partner close to you, and start chatting with him or her instantly. Each day, thousands of military men and women are searching for their significant other using the best niche dating site in the domain. If you are or were in the army, or are fond of people who served their country, create a free account right away! Don’t waste out on great opportunities: find your military partner today. The Cupid Network offers a variety of online dating services. With over 30 niche websites, you can search and meet people with different passions, from different parts of the world. Access the many websites available on the Cupid Network, and you will have the chance to find your second half.

Military Cupid Reviews

    Military Cupid & Army dating serrvice big scam!!!

    So I registered then I upload a picture..after an hour they terminated my account with no reason!!
    Same thing for Army dating service..after I paid for the premium member..I couldn't log into my account!!
    Please girls be careful enough.

    Scamebug Jason Mims

    Met this guy there and hes a sex hunger and keep on sending naked pics . Hes one of those scumbags in military cupid beaware!! Hes not in military hes pretending to be .. So he can scam some naked pics in return . He was amused and get frustrated of me cz i wont even send him my naked pics in return .

    Military cupid site is fine but there are pigs around and scumbags

    Research carefuly


    This site is a total scam, yes the guys appear to be nice and gentle then WHAM the give you some sob story and ask for you to sponsor them to bring this home to see you because they are deployed like two years but can get a pass if you pay their way home. Honestly I have never seen anything like this I have had many dealings with the military and have lots of family members active and retired and they have never heard of this either and also they have fake form the will send you and look closely at the dates because the only way I can get one of family members home is for a tragedy and then it is hard you have to go through the Depart of Defense for approval. So LADY'S please beware of the scams and the scamers don't let it make you feel good and fall for their lies they prey especially on the lady's with low self esteem don't go to other chat sites with them because that is how they work get you there where they think you can't save what they say to you.


    SCAMS DISRESPECTING OUR AMERICAN SOLDIERS and using PHOTOS that are fake or cropped from the internet pay close ATTENTION to DETAIL and if have a true love for an AMERICAN SOLIDER you can tell the difference

    Fake profiles

    Well i don't mind to pay the money, nothing is free those days, I had an account on militarycupid, but i was very disappointed...i was talking with 5 guys and all of them were asking to send money or package. They promised a lot!! That's a scam, but i am afraid there is some girls who will send the money...I can't get over some stories,,wow



    I love Military Cupid!

    I love Military Cupid because it brings people who are in the military or are civilians like me that are looking for men in the military to date and evidently marry!

    Easy to navigate, and there is also alot of civilians looking for people in the military to date and evidently marry!

    If you use the mobile of Military Cupid, it crashes when you want to look at someone's profile other than your own.

    Scam/ fake profile

    This web site is a scam. These are not real American service men. Profiles are fake.

    Upgrade Profile Payment-FRAUD SCHEME

    sent a Pre-Paid VISA CARD for Monthly Fee $36.00. Only had 39.00 Cash on Visa card for a one Month Upgrade.. Military Cupid TRIED TO OVERCHARGE MY CREDIT CARD PAYMENT for a Higher a 2month Upgrade Commitment. It FAILED. Im GLAD!.

    Easy to be a sucker.

    Deleted all Refence to MILITARY CUPID.COMSITEfe my Email

    contacted, nothing

    no wonder none returned replies. I see u all gals (writ on tablet). scumbuckets and scams mess up real (good) guys. and many guys r scum. (and gals?) other cupid media had mixed results. they had free days. now, who r worthy of my time, contacts? I've honest profile, so is it diff from rest? scams obvious to me. yes, ud. be. rejected professional fotos.... scam s.o.p. and they r too average and normal.

    actual paid members never followed up interest, mail.

    Worst Guys

    just met the worst guy ever on this site. Very disrespectful. Seen the worst of them in uniforms. Drinking while on duty!!!! OMG

    worst site ever

    I did not like this site. I posted some of the sexiest pictures of myself up. So, when I would try to contact men they never wrote back. Then someone told me those are not real people on line and that they find people to scam you. I think the site is real but so old that none of the members go on there


    nothing is good about the site all bad vibes

    Rejected all my photos

    I tried using Military Cupid several times!! Every time I tried to submitted a photo of myself, it was always rejected within minutes. They continued to tell me that the photo was NOT of myself. Really!? Maybe if they actually checked over my profile, they'd SEE that for a living, I model and voice act!! I even offered them proof.

    All the other photos I had on my computer were of me with my Ex Husband (AT OUR WEDDING). I didn't think that to be appropriate.

    I tried contacting customer service to resolve the problem, but they completely ignored my concerns. They didn't even bother emailing me back!

    I wouldn't know!!! I could never get that far!

    They do not care about their customers.


    This site sets up a bait for you to pay a membership so you can read their email. They will send you a email saying so and so is interested. If you email the so called person their profile gets switched off. That has happen 4 times. I haven't paid anything. They trick you. Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fake profiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fake profiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rip off

    This site is a rip off. It is not worth the money. I asked for a refund and the site does not care. Also, the guys ask you to send them money.


    Cost way to much.

    Too many technical issues ... is it a SCAM

    I registered for this site twice under two different user names. The system kept sending me messages that my account was either suspended or permanantly deactivated. I conducted a live chat and was told that one of the accounts had been reactivated, when I tried to log in I received the same message that the account was deactivated. I uploaded my photos & drivers license for verification purposes and hope that this is not a part of some scam. The site states that a drivers license is supposed to be uploaded to weed out scammers, so I'm praying that my information is in good hands. I'm still waiting to see if the account has been activated or not.

    The legitimacy of the site still remains to be seen. I have yet to hear back from someone regarding my issues and determine whether or not the site is legitimate or a SCAM.

    its not that great

    Its just a simple dating site... Nothing like fb of course. Its not that bad if your smart... Most of the profiles can and can not be fake but then again I think every site is like that. I've met a couple of good guys( friends) and I've met some really rude men as well. As far as(porn sites) and ( prostitutes) go I haven't ran into any lol. It all goes back to just being careful with what you share... Simple as that.

    Meet people from all over the country

    Paying for better quality... And not being able to read messages.thats pretty lame honestly.

    Military Cupid = crap

    Almost all the profiles are either fake, or prostitutes trying to lead you pay porno sites or illegals looking to stay in the US> There seems to be no pro-active action taken by the management to police this. They take your money and then don't give a damn



    Would not recommend

    I would not recommend this site. There is no way to verify the members are legit. Of all 5 guys, I have met my first week, they have all asked me for money, behavior is related to internet scams and prey on the vulnerable. Be wary if they want to go to yahoo or other messaging service.

    It's alright

    its a good website to meet military personel and everyone is really nice so far

    cute guys in uniform

    u have to pay to talk to them, unless they are already paying, hopefully they have a facebook :)

    seeking for militaryfriends

    your website is good for everybody most specially for those who want to find love

    i am looking for military higher rank for pilot or generals

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