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Last updated: December 6, 2017
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Mixology's sophisticated gay and lesbian clients are selected after a multi-layered screening process, to ensure compatibility with other Mixology members.

A confidential, in-person interview with a Mixology Dating Expert will assess candidates personally and professionally. Lifestyle, dating history, relationship goals, as well as those attributes desired in a potential match are discussed. Local qualified candidates are invited to our DC headquarters in Logan Circle to be interviewed, while clients living outside the region will have interviews arranged in their vicinity. Accepted candidates become Mixology clients, and the matching begins.

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Mixology - Less than I had hoped


Perhaps I had too high expectations.

They arrange actual in-person dates with people who will actually show up, and as everyone is somewhat screened, the people you meet will likely be nice folks and not major creeps. Given the limitations we all face with schedules/time, etc. this is actually a very much appreciated feature. If they would simply admit that this is the extent of their services, I would have felt a lot better about the experience.

There is a lack of personal "match making"--how could they really know you when they have 1500 people in the database and the screening consists of a 1 hour interview? Foolish me for believing them.

The matches they made for me, while pleasant enough gentlemen, were in no way, shape, or form people with whom I had any romantic spark. And, rather than try to address the mis-matches occurring, the staff acted as if I was the problem. Perhaps I am, but if they are going to oversell their service and then underperform, don't be shocked if a customer is disappointed.

For me, this was an unpleasant (and quite expensive) learning experience.

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