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Last updated: March 29, 2017
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Naughty Over 40 - Winks and Favourites


I have been a member of Naughty over 40 on 3 different occasions. The very first time a few years ago I did actually get to meet real women off the site for genuine sex. How ever there was the constant bombardment of "winks and added as a favorite" in my email box. These were supposedly from women but funny they had never looked at my profile and most had no pictures of them selves either. On the odd occasion some one had looked and sent a wink. I sent them a message; they replied asking for my email address were we could talk and exchange pictures. After the first 2 or 3 messages they then asked me to join another site to verifie who I was. Guess what just another dating site and funny all these girls were asking me to join the same new site.
I left the site as I had started a new relationship. About 2 years later I joined again. Only to find that there were still the same supposed local girls on there. But they were all inactive; but you only find that out after you have paid your membership. This time around I did not get to meet up with any one and was just constantly bombarded by Winks and Added as a favorite. Despite blocking and reporting these as scammers they still kept coming in. I gave up after 2 weeks and deleted my profile.
After another 12 months had gone by I decided to give it one last try. This time its was so much worse. All the same faces. And the WINK and ADDED as a FAVORITE was out of hand.
I phone the help line to cancel my subscription after only 2 days. I told them of the problems and that the blocking was not working. They that that its was and that no one should be able to contact me after being blocked. This was not True.

There are a few real women on the site and some will meet up for the real deal. My first experience of the site was very good. I did meet at least 15 women.

A lot of the women on the profiles are and have been inactive for years they just keep them on there as it makes their membership numbers look bigger than what they are. The blocking system for men does not work so you are just constantly bombarded by winks and favorites. It seems that the amount of genuine women on there has declined.

Martin Flo does NOT recommend Naughty Over 40 to friends/family

Naughty Over 40 - PURE SCAM!!



I found this site and for about a month refrained from joining but did browse the best that I could. Yesterday I joined and started searching. I searched around 60 supposedly local profiles. In searching I used "Who Stole My Pic" to verify the pictures, at least 98% of the profiles had ALL fake pics from porn sites, most from Russia and Europe. This site IS a scam. But in their defense they did refund my membership fee as soon as I complained.



David does NOT recommend Naughty Over 40 to friends/family

Naughty Over 40 - A Big Big Scam


I would like to say I joined, sent over 200 messages and got 2 replies (automated at that) It states there online but still no reply gives Skype address, then ask you to join their own page and wants credit card details, some mugs give it only to find money taken from them I think that this site should be closed down and a big big fine imposed

ron does NOT recommend Naughty Over 40 to friends/family

Naughty Over 40 - naughtyover40


I joined this site as a paying member, after about 10 day lost count how many messages I'd sent, got a couple of replies but they all refer to another site asking you to verify age state and where about you are. My honest view of this site CRAP.

Pros, a lot of very sexy girls posing

Never get any genuine reply.

Dave js does NOT recommend Naughty Over 40 to friends/family

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