OurTime Review - Deliberately Misleading Joiner "Upgrade" Fee

OurTime - Deliberately Misleading Joiner "Upgrade"


Did you get duped like I did? It isn't $19.99 to join. There is a hidden fee , called an "upgrade fee" of $3.99 on top of the $19.99 that the site charges to join. I feel this is an unfair business practice, deceitful and deliberately misleading to call the $3.99 an upgrade fee when in fact, it is part of the cost of joining. If it costs $23.98 to join Ourtime.com, the website should be clear about that and not slip the customer a so-called, made-up "upgrade" fee. Don't they understand sticker shock of $25 for a $19.99 site is not the way to retain customers. This site gets a bad review.


The site is not sophisticated and allows potential matches to send lots of I'd like it if you would send me a message. Well, I would like a real, "uncanned" message from a potential match.

Jane Doe does NOT recommend OurTime to friends/family


Date: November 28, 2012 - 2:32

By: scamgutter

Just wait till you try to cancel.There's no way to reach them and you'll have to cancel your card.

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