Ourtime.com is a dating site that not just comprehends what it is to be in excess of 50, additionally commends this energizing section of our lives. At Ourtime.com, we respect the flexibility, knowledge and gratefulness forever that just come with time. We additionally perceive that what individuals need in their 50s, 60s and past is frequently altogether different from what they needed in their 30s and 40s, without taking into consideration their 20s. This web dating community concentrates on the particular investment and yearnings of individuals like you. Examination demonstrates that these years might be among our happiest and generally satisfying. Free of the nerves of naiveté, we can delight in a period of investigation, fresh starts and more prominent satisfaction. What's more nothing elevates the delight of experience like having the ideal individual by your side! Whether the relationship is focused around companionship or sentiment, everything is more fun when you impart it somebody extraordinary. At this phase of your life, you're glad for your accomplishments and quality the lessons you have adapted along the way. Each of your past connections taught you something important to you and others. At this point, you have a really decent thought what the relationship for you looks like isn't it time you got it? Perhaps it is a marriage. Possibly it is a companionship. Then again maybe it is something in the middle. With a huge number of individuals joining our site every day, chances are great that you'll discover simply what you're searching for. Consistently, we get notification from joyful parts who are reinvigorating their affection lives, discovering companions or travel companions, and having paramount encounters all with individuals they would not have generally met. Right now is an ideal opportunity to impart your life to somebody exceptional, and you can find that individual here. You control who you converse with and when. Why waste time messaging over and over again when you can immediately talk on boundless 5-moment ourtime.com and evaluate if there's science that much quicker? Let ourtime.com acquaint you with the "new school" approach to date on the web. Ourtime's versatile dating application provides for you the force of constant dating right in the palm of your hand. Moment notices will keep you redesigned on who's looking at your profile whether you're in or out of the application. You might be associated at the cafe, supermarket, or even at the rec center. Your next date with ourtime.com could be with somebody simply a mile away, and that somebody could be your best date ever.

OurTime Reviews

    INteretsed in your money, not matching or proviing suitablematches. Commericals are a scam!

    I signed up and knew within 2 days it was a useless site. There is virtually no matching. It's very similar to Badoo, but you can try it for free. No such thing with this. In my state, there's a 3 day rule to be able to cancel any contract. I called the number they have listed THREE times and waited on hold for 15 minutes each. When I did finally get ahold of someone he was condescending and rude, refused to let me speak to a supervisor. You could tell they are very used to denying requests for refunds. I never messaged one person on there and was still charged. The site itself is unorganized, has absolutely no matching and even less search capabilities. It may be true that the have the largest data base of users signed up...but very few of them have subscriptions so you can't contact them anyway. All of the information they offer is misleading. Of course, if you do send a message to someone that you can't tell is subscribed or not, then they harass the recipient with emails teasing them with "you have a message" subscribe and you can see it. I saw a review on the mobile site, that said even if you have a subscription, you have to pay extra to buy coins to unlock certain matches. REALLY!!. Obviously...its a money game to them and nothing more. The fact remains, if they had any confidence and pride in their product or any business ethic...they would at least offer a 3 day trial. The fact that they don't shows you they know it will take people less than time than that to figure out how bad it sucks but they won't care...they already have your money.

    none, their advertisements are misleading and erroneous.

    even though they claim to be the biggest dating site, they aren't. They may have the most users signed up...but they aren't subscribed so you can't talk to them. There's no matching, poor search capabilities. I had a difficult time moving through the website. If you are lucky enough to talk to a customer service representative, you won't get any customer service. No free trial because it only takes a few days to see how awkward and poor the service is.

    Stay Away. I deleted my account & they keep emailing me

    Stay away from this site. I deleted my account so my info should be removed from their database since I did not pay and deleted it 10 minutes after I created the account because they said I would get a free trial and that was a total fraud. Now they keep emailing me. STAY AWAY. I am going to sue them because now I consider them spammers and the federal courts will let me sue them for up to $25,000 per spam email.


    no matches!!!

    Pretty much what everyone else says. I'm glad I only paid for one month. Every day I got my 5 New Matches, these men had absolutely NOTHING in common with my profile, and in fact, had qualities that I specifically said I would NOT date! WTF??? Why did I get every christian conservative right winger, woman hating, camo wearing, deer huntin' redneck as my match when I clearly stated that I'm a liberal, tree hugging, 420 friendly hippy chick??? I DO NOT RECOMMEND Ourtime unless you like conservative rednecks, then you'll have a blast!

    The only good thing is, I have now eliminated this from my list of reputable dating websites and will never pay them again.

    Their algorithms suck for making matches. You will get exactly the opposite of what you're looking for.


    Like others I see here reviewing, I agree with almost all the same issues. Customer assistance is NON EXISTANT regardless of their claim, no phone numbers and only e mail contact which they block if you do complain. Thankfully I only signed up for one month however the first sign of a problem should have been their denying my VALID credit card (after repeated attempts and no assistance from from the afore mentioned Customer Assistance). I am also concerned now that they have my credit card number. This required me to get a postal money order to send them (BIG MISTAKE, BE FORWARNED). THEY CASHED MY MONEY ORDER! Then my photos (that met with their criteria)were still not posted after over a week of waiting (in spite of their stated maximum wait time of 72 hours). I had the nerve to complain about it (to the non existant customer service you can only reach by e mail/no phone numbers) they then sent me an e mail simply telling me that they cancelled my profile and when I try to e mail a response back I got the mailer daemon response that their address did not exist! Of course they had already cashed my check. Don't waste your money, they stole mine. After reading ALL the reviews posted I believe only two were positive out of about 50 or more (kicking myself, wish I checked this site first) and I have to wonder who sent the positive ones. I also wanted to follow up on another common complaint from most of the reviews (I believe mostly from women) and I really can't believe I'm almost defending these SCUMBAG THIEVES. I AM in my mid 50s, I am in shape, I do have all my hair and teeth, have a college education and am retired from a career in law enforcement. While I do shop at Walmart, when it's convienent, I don't look like the stereotypical "Wmart shopper". No I am not married, I am divorced (years ago) and I lost my girlfriend to cancer over a year ago. I'm not Brad Pitt but I am certainly not Quasimoto! The reason I joined this group was to find available women in my age range (not younger) not an easy thing to do, so it seemed like a good idea. I could just as easily pick apart the women on the site, calling themselves average body types when they were obese (hey. I prefer a FEW extra pounds, but seriously...), missing teeth, interested in camping/fishing, etc. It's a dating site, it's to be expected and not everyone lives in a metro area. Out of the hundreds of profiles I looked at I was only interested in 5 or 10. Of course I never got to contact any of them... Lastly, let's not get tunnel vision. OURTIME.COM is just a subsidiary of PEOPLE MEDIA. They have MANY other sites such as ITALIANPEOPLEMEET.COM and they are all connected. THEY ARE THIEVES, THEY STOLE MY MONEY AND THEY ARE A SCAM Make sure you check who owns the site before you commit any money! Perhaps the Attorney Generals Office could investigate PEOPLEMEDIA (in Nevada), that's where I would start if my credit card was being repeatedly billed against my wishes? I can't say for sure who owns it, but, when I used Match over a decade ago, I did not have any of these issues, also POF and Craig list are free (just use common sense and caution).



    Really Old Folks

    Been on a few dates...Luckily nice men...but still not sure what they want...I guess with age does not come wisdom...


    The men are not true to their profiles...I think Viagra has given them Superman Complex.

    is this high school?

    Optimist to the end, but......not much response on this site. I think all the guys are still looking for the cutest, hottest, babe and actually think they will find it. I am still cute, but not young anymore. This site is not working out for me. As usual, it is for the younger, and cutest.

    profiles easy to read

    no responses, so I question if these are real people?

    OurTime.com TERRIBLE!

    Completely AGREE! I sign in because cant see the mailbox until pay - and I glad I pay for one month only because on site mostly guys who looks like gang members - with dark hoodies with hood on, "golden" chains, tattoos, sunglasses on... Looks very dangerous! Also there some gigolo who looking for rich senior lady who need young companion... Yuck! No refund - so even if you just join, they will NOT return the money.... "Matches" not really match anything, they have empty profiles and some of them even doesnt have photos - so how they match?! And nicknames sounds like they directly from ghetto.... Search only age and area, no criteria like druncard\not, drugs\no, gambling\no, educated\no, etc.....worst site ever!

    Nothing good.

    Cant see the mail unless you pay... Almost no search criteria, gang members ad gogolo on the site.... No refund policy.

    Glad I did'nt join!

    Was looking at the site and before I could even sign up I could see some of the profiles of available men. Their site names were mufflicker, tamemysnake, just to name a few. Seriously! No thanks!

    Never had a chance.

    Glad I didn't give it a chance to find out anymore cons.


    No customer service. Incompetent editing/censorship of one's profile. Transparently meretricious. Utter waste of time. The only humanity here is on their TV commercials. Let's hope they go bankrupt ASAP.


    You name it.

    Our Time Dating Site

    Was contacted by a beautiful woman right after I arrived here in Hawaii. Se had seen my file on the Our Time site. Had me call her so she could hear my voice. Passed that test, then we met for dinner, and it has been sweet ever since - 90 days now. So, I am 1 for 1 on Our Time. It's all about what you do with the leads you get from a good site. Sites are for contact opportunities - no guarantees. These women are selective - be ready to produce - have your act together. I guess this is a smile (review).


    Stay away, scam big time. I just hope I can stop. Any more charges to my credit card! If anyone can help me, let me know.


    A total joke of a site. Poor coding, just because you're over 50 doesn't mean you're senile. Match, POF, and OKCupid are way more professional. A total joke of a site. RIPOFF! STAY AWAY


    Site is a total joke in every way

    This Site Is A SCAM!!

    This is the first review I ever wrote on anything. My friend told me to join after seeing the commercial. I definitely should had read the reviews. I had to warn people that are truly looking for a relationship from wasting their money. It is such a scam. I get all kinds of flirt messages and all computer generated so you know they are not real and either no picture, too far away, nothing in common. The best is the email from someone telling me they cannot upload a picture, but if I send mt "private email" they will send me one. I already got my email address hacked and I am sure it was from this site. I already wasted money on this very lame site!! Stay away before the get you too!!!!



    no customer svc whatsoever

    i have been trying to get my pics up fo three days and my primary is never accepted and keep going to gallery.....numerous emails canned response do everything it ask and still want work........no way to be take your money and no one cares.......money back please.......what a rip-off.

    fine when it works

    it dont work as promises....no customer support at all......they got my money and disappeared


    Having horrible time upgrading. You would think after all the horrible reviews that they would at least make taking your money convenient. Nope, no chance. After numerous tries to register on line, i tried to communiate with them about the problem. After sifting through layers of their clunky website, I got an email address, only to get an inane boiler plate reponse that didn't solve the problem, nor address my issues. Emailed to another address I dug up and, again, nada. Great concept, zero follow through. Too bad. Any one have alternate suggestions?

    rip off



    Too many to mention, stay away from this site.

    Worst Site...Stay Away

    I joined Our Time for one month without researching anything about it, and I regretted it the following day. I joined at 9pm and I had porn emails in my email inbox by 9am the following morning! Somehow, my personal email address had been either sold to, or stolen by, porn spammers. I know this for a fact because I have had the same email address for nearly ten years and have never had any spam of any kind sent to it ever until the day after I joined Our Time. It's been two weeks since I joined now, and I get porn spam every other day, which horrifies me because I have a young son at home, and I would not want him to see one those emails by accident on my screen. In addition to the spam, which by the way I reported to Our Time and received no response from them whatsoever, the site in general is loaded with a lot of dirty or ugly looking men of low-class. They send "flirt" messages constantly without writing any personal notes, and when they do write, it's meaningless one-liners. With that said, there are also a small number of average-type men who seem to seriously looking for relationships or dates, but the majority are not worth looking at on the site, so it's mostly a waste of time and energy. Save your money and your privacy! Join eHarmony instead, but if you do join Our Time, at least don't use your real email address unless you want to receive nasty porn spam.


    too many to mention


    What a bunch of losers! Then they ask ya for money(gals) after bragging how "INDEPENDENT" they are. Then get pissed when ya turn them down!


    Sick society and they all landed here!


    OMG, what was I thinking? Okay, I was thinking that maybe I might meet some decent men in my age group, but there are way too many losers and scam artists on this site. I got several outright requests for sex ... no introduction, no conversation ... just requests for sex. If a guy just wants sex, why join a dating site? Can't he find that on his own at the corner bar? The rest were downright losers ... living in their beat-up old car, looking/smelling like they haven't taken a shower in weeks, filthy clothes, no teeth, no job, asking for money, sob stories etc. etc. Then there are the grossly overweight guys looking for drop dead gorgeous women with beautiful bodies. I think I'll stick to friends. I wouldn't continue on this site if they gave it to me for free for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I only signed up for a month and disabled the automatic renewal feature as soon as I signed up.



    Harrasment tech

    I signed up for this site,then changed my mind. Now,they call me ten times a day,even after they have been told to stop calling. One stated tonight,"so if you do not want me to keep calling, just block my number" Now is that harrasement? You decide.

    Met my girl on our times

    I was on our times for a couple weeks having fun looking at the different profiles. I would get looks but not much communication.Then I met Dee we went back and forth on the site then met for dinner. I feel so lucky to have met her. We have a lot of fun together.Its been 6 months and i am so happy I joined it was worth it to me.I had never tried internet dating before so I was skeptical but not now. Why not meet people your age that want to have fun again?

    easy to use fun to keep up with new members

    none really. only i couldnt figure why women would keep looking at my profile but never leave a message. had nothing to do with the site

    Wasted $50

    I joined yesterday and deleted my account today. I had a lot of the same experiences as many of the reviewers had here. It's a waste of time and $$. Don't join. I wish I read some these reviews before throwing my money away. I am going call my CC company perhaps there is something they can do. You live you learn.

    I left after one day

    I had to be pay to be there for one day

    Stay Away

    The site is poorly designed and over priced for what you get, these folks do a great jobs at marketing just as a used car dealer do marketing a lemon. Also the site is very manipulative on auto renewals, so be extremely careful. They present the 1 months option as auto renew, making it look like the 2 or 3 month option don't auto renew when it fact all of them auto renew. Contest it with your Credit Card company, they will throw a fit and challenge you to make sure they bleed you of very dime, even if you don't use the services. Stay away, these people are as slime as the come.

    Targeted Site

    They present some of their packages as a one time charge, but then auto renew without your permission, they are a money vacuum!

    Not what it appears to be

    I think this site is a total scam with a few members and a lot of ghost writers. How many older men do you know who are articulate and can/will write a long flowing profile filled with well written prose and emotional feeling. REALLY? I once even proposed this theory to one of my suitors and then never even commented on it in the slightest way. After that, I got NO mail what-so-ever even though before that my mail box was always full. Pretty darn fishy to me. They don't even try to cover it up in my opinion. How many people join twice with the same or similar names and the very same photo for both accounts. Stay away if you want quality. -Cynthia

    You feel good for a week.

    But it's just a little hot air on a cold day.


    They bait & switch for $$. Rec: POF. 0 $


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