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Welcome to the premier Russian dating and personals site, used by beautiful Russian women seeking men for love and romance. Meet Russian ladies, Russian girls, or even a Russian partner.

Browse personals and join our Russian chat rooms for an exciting Russian dating experience! We have members from all around the world, so why not meet a gorgeous russian woman today. Join free! changed its name to! Details

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Reviews: 5 reviews (5): - Full of Scammers


It's an okay site. It's not as bad as the blantantly scamming sites where the women are employees who are paid to show interest in the men. HOwever, they are not filtering well and there are TONS of scammers getting through. Try Luckylovers instead. The profiles are realistic there and if I see a scam like message in my mailbox, I find by the next day or two, that profile is gone or blocked.

At least it isn't one of those pay per communication scamming sites where the women are paid to show interest.

Not much scam protection

Richtran does NOT recommend to friends/family - good site but lot of scammers


I don't agree with the other reviewers, yes many scammers but also there are some real beautiful women too! Maybe the other people just have too high expectations... i joined the site and after a few weeks of receiving many interests, i paid for one month membership. It's a simple dating site, not like those that charge a lot of money and prevent you from exchanging emails with other members. yes, I found most of the girls are fake. They are scammers trying to get money from you one way or another. But there are some genuine women too, and many are very beautiful. Just be very careful when the lady said she cannot do video or she doesn't speak English or has no phone. Or if she is too passionate, falling in love with you after just a few emails... Even though women there are poor, they will find a way to see u on video if they are real. I would say maybe 1 or 2 out of every 10 profiles are genuine, but that's actually not a bad ratio. If you go to a night club and you ask 10 women to dance, how many will actually say yes and want to date you? consider that, it's not a bad way to meet eligible women. I have not found anyone on this site, but I found someone on another similar site, so I think it's worth trying.

lots of beautiful girls. some speak english well.

too many scammers.

pop does recommend to friends/family - Mr.


Not a site that I would recommend. I found more legit girls on cam sites that would like you to visit them.

I found this site with pictures of incredibly beautiful woman. Most will contact you and want to correspond with emails.

Alot of scammers on this site. Most are down right stupid though. sad thing is the legit girls are ugly and fat. IMO, I have found a lot more legit girls on

Greg does NOT recommend to friends/family - SO DISAPPOINTED


I agree with the comments above, I am so disappointed, unfortunatley geniune people will miss out on the chance of meeting someone. Found a great web site with the photos of scammers, low and behold all the beautiful women that have written to me are on there. The stories they have told are beyond belief

I never fell one of the scams

Big J does NOT recommend to friends/family - - A scam nest


I have been a paying member of this site for a few days.

I am strongly disappointed. I receive lots of interest and lots of messages, all from incredibly beautiful women, but none of them seem able to enter into any type of personal communication. All write much about themselves and how loving and caring they are, and none of them write one single word that has any relevance to me, my profile or my questions.

Now the begging for money has started. Many of them love me incredibly deeply, claim that they will come and visit me, and just need lots of money for the plane ticket, to be sent anonymously by Western Union.

This is a scam nest.

User friendly web site
Lots of pictures of incredibly beautiful women

RussianEuro is filled with scammers. There seems to be almost no sincere persons at all.

Don't waste your time and money on this place.

Disappoint does NOT recommend to friends/family

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