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  3. Write your review about is a Jewish internet dating and Jewish matchmaking service that is helping thousands of Jewish singles of various ages, backgrounds, cultures and interests find their match (their bashert). SawYouAtSinai focuses on (but is not limited to) helping Conservadox, Yeshivish and Modern Orthodox Jewish Singles find an appropriate shidduch. This service also benefits Jewish singles with various lifestyles such as single parents, divorcees, widows, young professionals or older singles, so that they can meet their bashert. Details

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Reviews: 2 reviews (2): - Worst site ever


Site is awful!!! Terrible customer service! Didn't answer phone for 3 days. Responded to email 3 days later! Terrible policy's. Judgmental. Stay far away

A lot of singles

Customer service, judgmental of management;

David does NOT recommend to friends/family - SYIH (SeeYouInHell)


Matchmakers dont provide the matches based on your search criteria. If you reject what they give you, you'll get blacklisted after a few attempts, and no more matches will be given to you. Dont pay for this thing! If you absolutely must try it, then dont take out your credit card, no matter how tempting it is. The company, Woodmere Asset Management, also runs, SeeyouinIsrael, JRetromatch, JToronto, and a couple others. All with the same crookedness. I had a Gold Membership and received no matches for over a month. Why? Because the matchmakers wrote a note on my profile to blacklist me. Why? Because I rejected matches that did not fit my search criteria. Do I want a 45 year old divorced woman with 3 children if I am a 31 year old
never married single? No!!

You can get a match every so often, but it probably wont be what youre looking for.

They want your credit card, or else they dont promise results.

Sam does NOT recommend to friends/family

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