Meet New People in a Safe and Fun Way It works like this. You see a photo of someone nearby who, like you, is looking to meet up with other singles. They look good, so you check out the profile - Okay! A few good pictures and some more information about themselves. Interesting. So you send this person a chat message. Maybe a simple, "Hey" or "Hello." You haven't given up your name, phone number, or location. And when you two get to chatting? You're able to break the ice, find out a little more about each other, ease into talking about what you're both looking for. If it turns out that you're both looking for the same thing? You can trade numbers. Talk on the phone. And possibly meet up.

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Skout is growing like crazy

Skout, a mobile application for flirting and dating, is growing like crazy. But Christian Wikilund, Skout's CEO, has much higher aspirations than just a dating app ? he wants to build a global network on the scale of Facebook and Twitter. Right now, it looks like he's on doing a good job ? Skout is adding 50,000 new users on the app every single day. ... [...]

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    The Worst Dating Site

    I use to be on Skout I had no problems with it for awhile but then all of sudden I started realize nothing but perverts; scammers; trans and ugly lowlifes hang out there. Hell my ex bf was on the SKOUT he was the biggest pervert of them all. I deleted it after my ex bf was using it to stalk me and contact to me I got so sick off his advances so I decided to delete my account and never went back after that; it�s a waste time trying find decent guys on SKOUT near your area that aren�t lowlifes or middle age like in their in 50s; I suggest if your looking for friend or someone to love go choose match; hinge or harmony they filter the profiles on their dating sites in my opinion.

    Okay at first if you want be noticed and kick start what a dating site is like if your a newbie.

    Worst place to find friends or a love interest.

    The Worst Dating Site

    I use to be on Skout I had no problems with it for awhile but then all of sudden I started realize nothing but perverts; scammers; trans and ugly lowlifes hang out there. Hell my ex bf was on the SKOUT he was the biggest pervert of them all. I deleted it after my ex bf was using it to stalk me and contact to me I got so sick off his advances so I decided to delete my account and never went back after that; it’s a waste time trying find decent guys on SKOUT near your area that aren’t lowlifes or middle age like in their in 50s; I suggest if your looking for friend or someone to love go choose match; hinge or harmony they filter the profiles on their dating sites in my opinion.

    Okay at first if you want be noticed and kick start what a dating site is like if your a newbie.

    Worst place to find friends or a love interest.

    Horrible by design

    I've heard of Skout and I added the app. It impressed me in so many ways, all bad.

    First, most (50%+) of the profiles are fake/overseas/Asian looking for love. I can't quite say I've ever seen so many fake profiles in one site. Take all of the fake profiles currently on match, OK Cupid and plenty of fish and combine them. You are then getting close to Skout.

    Second, locations are all deceptive. I'm in Missouri and it listed me as being in Houston. No way to fix that I can see either. Half of the "local" profiles (my preferences were set for my town) were in Independence, KS, 220 miles away. Independence is a small town so the entire town must be Asian fake females or something is seriously amiss here. There were also a number of women from Doolittle, MO, which would mean every woman from that town was also on the site.

    Third, I've been bombarded with chat requests from the Independence KS and other far away places crowd. They're all totally hot, 32 and have 2 pictures. A pattern? That has to be created by the site because they are remarkably consistent.

    Fourth, there are a few really nice local people on there, maybe 20% of the real profiles. The other 80% are the oddest collection of people I have seen. I'm a seasoned online dater and this group is completely not what I am looking for. Take the worst profiles from POF for my tastes and put them all in one place.

    Skout is ridiculous and a waste of time. I spent 80% of my time sorting through fake profiles, 10% abhorred by the real people there and 10% doing something productive. The site has to be this way by design from the developers. They clearly want the fake profiles and ads or are completely oblivious to it. I'm not sure which is worse?

    It's free and as interesting as a car crash on the side of the road.

    50%+ fake profiles, spammers contacting you, misleading locations and general nonsense.


    I think Skout is a dangerous site to join. I do believe they are involved and assisting the scam artist. They scam artist create an artificial idea that Skout is an active and healthy place to participate when in fact its numbers of real users are very small. However to get advertising dollars they can claim larger numbers with the thousands of fakes and bots. Lots of victims have been taken for money. Skout legally considers itself not responsible. Legally it may be true. But if you own a company and are hosting thieves and do nothing about it you are guilty of the crime by association. Skout bans and kicks out people who complain about the scammers. Skout is doing what many do when the heats on and their under suspicion. Open a new company and new name with a new face hoping to draw new victims. The behaviour of the software alone and some of the advertising scams that highjack emails are telling of their involvement. I would not trust them whatsoever. If you insist on going there create a safe email account.

    Ya can meet a few decent folk after wading thru thousands of phony accounts.

    ID theft. Risk to bank account. The scammers are looking to get you into a place they can interact and get your IP. They insist on sharing pics and such. Literally hundreds per day attack and bombard you with request.

    cheap wannabe sex site

    I was on that site for a day, messaged girls who were part time cam sex models, damn near got extorted by one.



    Unknown Origins

    I am a decent looking older woman who has received so many proposals it's ridiculous. The latest was from a guy from a foreign country.
    Somehow I am looking for our chats today and can't find him. COULD THE PROBLEM BE THAT WITH ALL THE BROWSERS Chrome, Safari, Firefox I have lost him in the shuffle. I made the Mistake of going to SKOUT on my computer as well . Somehow I have more than one profile on SKOUT and there is only one of me. Now I can't find him but we had a nice long convo on SKOUT yesterday on my phone and he on a Phone as well, but not IPhone like myself.

    accessible from everywhere Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome.

    Too many browsers can access this site and they each demand you set up a profile. Therefore I have at least 3 profiles and can't figure out how to access them all. When guys talk to me they can't assume I am fake I can send a variety of real photos but I am unable to find a guy with a working webcam so it becomes a WASTE OF TIME. I only go for chat now!

    Skout is full of scammers!

    Hi everyone, I have read everyone's review and I agreed with everyone's experience. I have been on Skout for less than a month and I have met a lot of people who claimed that they live in the states but currently they are out of the country for a certain reasons. Many of them are saying that they are in "USA Army" "working on a contract in Malaysia, Africa, UK or Germany" "they are in some kind of oil business" or "they do buy and trade art work". They all have a same story line. They are all widowers and lost their wives in a "car crash" or "auto crash" or "some type of cancer" and their kids are also died in a "car crash", or their mom and dad are all passed so they are all alone. If you ask what's their name, they will write you a love letter. If you ask where are they from, they will write you a love poem. It made me feel like that they didn't really read what I typed. Instead, all their replies are like a copied and pasted message. They like to pressure you to accept their feelings toward you, they like to propose to you, they will force you to start a relationship with them right away and said that the distance is not a problem for them and they are willing to travel around the world to find their love. It's so unrealistic and it's like a TV drama. Everyone will tell you, "they're hardly come online so let's chat from Yahoo Messenger or Kik or Viber or Skype or Facebook". If I tell them that I don't use any of those then they will encourage me to open an account with them and they are free or install those apps in my phone. Some tells you that "let's talk privately" or "this site is full of scammers so let's talk in other form of chat". Some even asked for my real/full name and my home/work address so they can send me flowers and chocolate.

    Honestly speaking, it is quite annoying and irritating. The funny part is, sometimes you get messages from two different people who claimed that they live in a different state but they use the same picture. How funny is that?

    I have made a lot of reports to Skout and finally I got banned. I can be careless with whether I get blocked or not. I just wanted Skout to aware of those activity so no one will get hurt. Obviously, Skout didn't care for my reports. I just wish people won't lose their hard earned money over those cold blooded scammers.

    If anyone reads my review, please stay safe and don't believe what people tells you and never reveal your personal information and do not send money to anyone. If it sounds to good to be true then most likely, it's a scam.

    None. If you are really bored then you can sign up to kill some time and have fun but I doubt you can because of those scammers. Scammers are very pushy and full of nonsense. They are like a virus.

    Skout, if you don't care for the reports that people made then sooner or later your website will be flooded with full of scammers. I bet in the near future, the scammers will scam the scammers since there will be no real people on Skout.


    I like all types of people. But tit seems that everyone who messages me on here is just out of prison,affiliated, or is looking for a cougar or sugar momma. Its fun to chat, haven't met anyone of relationship quality yet.

    If you are a decent looking woman it feeds your ego.

    See above.

    Simplistic and violates privacy

    I signed up for all of one day because I found that this program is a little too simple in that there are no useful options for setting the location of a search (or if there are, they're too hard to find, which is basically the same thing), and your location setting is extracted from your phone or pc hardware and can't be edited (or if it can, no one seems to know how). What this means is that when you sign on, your profile location is set (and displayed) as your current location, which is basically like having a tracking device on you that tells everyone exactly where you are. That's too much of a violation of my privacy for my taste. It also makes it impossible to look for people to chat with who live near you (as opposed to where you currently are) when you're traveling away from your local area. Skout can still be a good way to meet people but you have to consider its limitations and be careful about what information it broadcasts.

    Also, I couldn't find any kind of reasonable help on either the phone app or website versions of Skout, so if you have any questions you have to rely on an internet search, which isn't much help at all.

    Not well documented/no instructions on how to use it.
    No way to edit or set a permanent or default location.
    Location displayed in your profile tracks your actual location and tells everyone where you are.
    Search for other profiles is set by your current location, and can't be set to a different one (or to your home area if you're out of town).

    fuck scout

    Skout is a rip off fuck them


    This app is horrid. A bunch of lonely freaks using fake profiles telling you they love you theyll treat you right lets meet for coffee. Uh lets not then sometimes u block them and they come back with a new profile! Its unreal and its mostly just for entertainment. If you want a good laugh sign up if you want the real deal pay for eharmony.

    Its pretty funny

    Loser, creeps, stalkers, potential rapists

    All scammers

    Nearly everyone on here is out to scam people. Men pretending they are soldiers in Afghanistan and contractors working in Ghana. Everyone says they are from the States but their english is broken. tTey write you lots of love peoms. Ladies they are all after money do not fall for their scams. Their photos are of very good looking men but its not them Please Please dont fall for them Skout needs to look into this.


    Well to start off, this app is fun to use when your bored and have nothing else to do with your life. Otherwise, this app is junk. I'm really young, I'm 19 years old and not only guys who are in their late twenties tries to talk to me. Most guys who actually approach me are about 25-40+. So many guys that talk to me are at least a good hundred miles away and always ask me for nude pictures. Guys literally will send pictures of their junk to me. Some guys act like little b*tches because I don't want to meet with them or trade with them. I don't want to get raped. Way too many foreign perverted guys, so far either from England, Africa, or India. Too many guys are perverts :/ I do not like this site. Like nearly every guy seems to think that every girl on this site is a slut or a cam girl.

    At least you can block those creeps

    Too many perverted idiots, and foreign perverts.

    I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone

    Ok. So if I'm to understand this right. Every gorgeous woman on this site is from Bartlesville, OK and live 210 miles away according to the profiles. They all type in broken English and for some reason or another state that they live in the US, but had to go back to Ghana or some other region of Africa. They tell you they love you after only chatting for about 5 minutes. Then, they claim that they have some kind of issue that ALL of them will ask for money. Unbelievable. Are you kidding me?!? I hope no one has fallen for this garbage. I wouldn't recommend this site to my dog. Good luck in finding happiness on that site.

    I haven't sent any money to the "girls" that have winked at me.
    Also, they are nice looking pictures, but come on. Do they all look like models?!? I think not.

    Too many fakes.

    Do not trust this site

    This site was horrible. Lot of ""contractors", "engineers" or "constuctors" all saying the same thing. All want your email, yahoo id or phone number to chat better. I also had more pictures of penis's sent to me than I care to count. I don't know why men think that is the first thing women want to see. Horrible site will not recommend to anyone

    Good chat feature

    Can not trust any profile on there

    Maybe worth the $$$??

    I just started on Skout, and yes I have a "hood" handle above but I am an upstanding, suburban professional looking for a long term relationship. The nice thing is that you can chat with someone, the not great thing is that many look like they are from the hood.

    I'll bet there are some really nice guys but I can see where the weirdo factor could come in, with such low filters. It is too easy to sign up.

    From the women I have chatted with on OKCupid, Skout, Zoosk, all of them get pictures of junk from guys. And all kinds of sob stories. They seem to think that because they have no teeth and have been dumped 6 times, a woman will like the more. WTF?? Ignorant...

    Easy to sign up and chat with someone. Free.

    Attracts riff raff because it is free.

    Banned, but profile is still up! Whats up with that?

    Yeah yeah I did dumb things on there but I don't regret it that app was pretty lame anyways. I don't like that even thought I deleted pictures and info before getting banned, they are still up! So tell me skout why are they up when I took them down? How is it that i'm banned and can't log on for sh.. yet you have my account like it was just made? If that's how you people keep others thinking your app is heavily populated then thats wack!! Dont even bother with that crap man.

    You meet peeps

    You get banned for nothing, you cant delete only "deactivate" and even if you do your profile is there if you search deep enough. Some sh*t.

    Skout - Questionable

    I'm a very cautious person, so it's hard to trust either 1) Skout, or 2) most of the men on Skout (I'm sure the same can be said about some of the women too.) After being contacted by numerous men, it's funny how many of them are from one area. And then....just how many men can be widowed, with one child, and their poor wife died in a car accident, x many years ago. And...just how many lonely "contractors" are there out there. And then there's the "what's your yahoo id" business, "so we can chat better." Or "do you have skype" right after someone has said "hi how are you". I met a man that I thought was really nice, and chatted with him for quite awhile...but I am suspicious by nature, and can't find anything about him online...and I have searched everywhere. Asking him questions only gets "you don't trust me...why are you checking up on me"...etc, etc, etc.'s a great concept...but damn, filter out the riff raff

    Easy to use, easy to get "points" if you don't mind downloading a bunch of apps

    Too easy to sign up - no riff-raff filter....Be careful is all I can say.

    Skout; where the perverts meet.

    I pretty much agree with everything that has been said on here. This app is filled with low life weirdos and perverts that constantly harras you nonstop! You'd think that when you don't reply they'd get the hint, but no they keep at it and at it! I got frustrated by the amount of uneducated guys who couldn't take no and quit. Couldn't deal.

    Meeting new people.

    Usually a bunch of fakes, creeps, perverts, all around weird people.

    GPS and scammers

    Why does the GPS not work properly. It shows a lot of ppl 47 miles Bartsville, ok. That's not there locate. Many say in their profile that they are not locate in Bartlesville. I've meet some great ppl on here. But now in the search it's loaded with ppl that are 47 miles away. But they are not. What up with that?

    Also I have had many woman that just have profiles on here to lure you. They want your Yahoo Messager user name. Then they send you to a link want your credit card no to watch them on cam.

    I just don't understand this used to be such a great app / website.


    I've meet some great ppl but that was months / year ago. Now. All I get is ppl that don't live around me. Although it says they are.

    Bad locations detection GPS. An Scammers

    Agree - hood rats

    I am a woman that definately does not look her age, I get lots of dates. I met, face-to-face several guys in my area through skout. I agree with another reviewer nothing but hood rats. I am very attractive, fit, educated, well traveled with a professional job and all I have met are weirdos, perverts, morons, flakes and one guy who sexually assaulted me. I went to police they are working on the case. I reported the guy that assaulted me to skout through their support email as they direct in their safety info, I got an auto reply to my email the day after I sent it and 2 months later, zip back. Went and checked, guy still on skout. So much for their safety policy.

    Because this is a free site and you can set up an account in two seconds it will attract more low lifes than a site with actual paying members.

    Yes one can argue that well these flakes etc exists out there in real life, yes they do but with skout they are gathering in one area due to being free and easy to set up.

    Easy to locate people in your own area

    Attracks low quality people, no support and skout does not respond to information given regarding a dangerous user.


    Wow, this site is straight outta Compton. If you're educated, have class and taste, have all of your teeth (gold ones don't count)...then don't bother. It's just s collection if hood rats.

    The concept is great.

    The people it attracts are very low quality. Worse than craigslist.

    not able to log into Skout

    I have not been able to log into Skout for a few mths! I'm just glad I didn't have to pay on this sight!

    When I was able to log was a good site! (No matter what date site ur on...u will always have fakes & scammers...but some real one too)

    Needs to work


    What can I say about this app, it was great from the beginning until I was doing a search and I seen my pic was being using by someone. I reported the page and pictures numerous of times but still nothing has been done about it. I even sent an email and its been 2months and they still haven't gotten back to me yet. I hate this stupid app and I wish there was a way to report the app.



    More frauds and scammers here than rush hour traffic

    I think the Nigerian Mafia owns this app of at least IMt the most popular woman in Ghana. I get countless chats daily and to date all but 2 have been s hammers from Nigeria. And then an asssumed 26 yrs old SKOUT support Rep has the nerve to chat Me up and tell ne IM in violation of their terms and that my photo was inappropriately sexual. Lmao. Its my office pic..... and did i say i wasn't a porn star.

    I can't believe reputable networks like ABC NBC ect promoted this place


    None that i can see

    Its a Mecca environment for frauds and scammers. Customer service? Now that's laughable. Countless reports and emails and not one single response

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