The Worst Dating Site

The Worst Dating Site

I use to be on Skout I had no problems with it for awhile but then all of sudden I started realize nothing but perverts; scammers; trans and ugly lowlifes hang out there. Hell my ex bf was on the SKOUT he was the biggest pervert of them all. I deleted it after my ex bf was using it to stalk me and contact to me I got so sick off his advances so I decided to delete my account and never went back after that; it�s a waste time trying find decent guys on SKOUT near your area that aren�t lowlifes or middle age like in their in 50s; I suggest if your looking for friend or someone to love go choose match; hinge or harmony they filter the profiles on their dating sites in my opinion.

Okay at first if you want be noticed and kick start what a dating site is like if your a newbie.

Worst place to find friends or a love interest.

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