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Last updated: February 8, 2021
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Squirt.org - Gay Sex Cruising Hook Up Site

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URL: http://www.squirt.org/

Categories: Gay and Lesbian

Reviews: 4

Squirt.org reviews (4):

Squirt.org - They for real?


Are these trolls for real? They want to charge people to use this site?

None of the profiles are real. You cannot do anything as a basic member, but then you get suckered into paying a ridiculously high monthly fee thinking maybe if you pay, you'll be able to chat to people.
But nobody chatted back, which I thought was weird, given I get tons of msg from online apps.
Tried to cancel my subscription, and it wouldn't! Realised it was a scam website!

Couldn't see any

They'll take your money and good luck finding how to stop that.

SixPackMon does NOT recommend Squirt.org to friends/family

Squirt.org - Squirt Simply Sucks!


There is absolutely NOTHING good about this TRAIN WRECK of a Web site! Worst of all, technical support has NO IDEA how to treat its members. Not only is technical support RIDICULOUSLY RUDE AND INCOMPETENT, but it is also FAR TOO QUICK to permanently suspend profiles. To make matters worse, when technical support permanently suspends a profile, every profile associated with that ISPN also gets permanently suspended and a new account using that ISPN cannot be created. This is what happened with me, even though someone else was using my ISPN when he did something that resulted in a permanent suspension. I emailed technical support to explain what happened and it replied that it does not believe me. It has been weeks and I still cannot login or even create a new profile. How rude and abrasive is that!?
Moreover, the limits for new users are FAR TOO STRICT, but what more can you expect from a site that permanently suspends its users at the drop of a hat?
Additionally, I keep hearing bad things about Squirt from others.
In conclusion, SQUIRT IS PATHETIC!!!



Squirt Sux does NOT recommend Squirt.org to friends/family

Squirt.org - AWFUL - Terrible customer service. Rude, money-hun


The site is full of bugs. Report something, they ignore you. They're happy to take your money, but when something needs fixing, they're nowhere to be found.


Stay away!



Hungry does NOT recommend Squirt.org to friends/family

Squirt.org - Devious Thieves


As other reviewers have said, squirt.org customer service is appalling, and shockingly rude. The jerk I spoke with at squirt was nasty, and he enjoyed being so. When I requested to have MY DATA permanently removed from their servers, I was flatly denied; simply told NO, they don't delete suspended profiles. In other words, ALL user profiles, along with your content, are retained by squirt.org, forever; for the site operators to do with as they please. When I asked where squirt.org servers are located (in Canada or the US), I was told "that's none of your business." In other words, YOUR DATA doesn't belong to you. Squirt takes ownership of your pics & videos, everything you upload to their awful website, they OWN, so they say.

Squirt has also billed my credit card, automatically 'renewed' monthly subscriptions, even though I didn't agree to nor authorize these transactions. I only agreed to 1 Month, each time, but they renewed anyway. After some years of using squirt, I feel that those running the site are creepy and corrupt.

I got suspended today after making a brief comment in my profile description about squirt being greedy and that I wouldn't be giving them any more of my money. So clearly you have to be careful about what you say on squirt, even on your own profile, because they monitor what you say about the website. You are not allowed to criticize squirt.org, or you'll be 'suspended'. So free speech isn't respected on the site.

I could say more about squirt's devious business practices... but essentially, my experience with squirt.org was not a good one. You're nothing more than a credit card number to these people. My advice, please save yourself the grief.

I'm not sure what I can do about getting MY DATA deleted from squirt, but I've followed up with my lawyer. I'll probably have to take squirt to court.


see for yourself, you've been warned

gerard does NOT recommend Squirt.org to friends/family

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