Tempting Fling Review - 100pct, totally unaduleterated bulls***

Tempting Fling - 100pct, totally unaduleterated bulls***


This site is a total scam. I think the pix are not real. They probably have a bunch of people telling others to write letter back to "lonely hearts". They don't really answer questions--especially pointed ones. The clue was the unthinking nature of their letters. "Meet me this afternoon for some fun". Only problem is babe, you are in LA, or Dallas and I am on the east Coast. "Oh Jeeves, can you rev ups the old SR-71." The copy blocks are too short. People give short shrift to relationship status. Married, but profile says single. Divorced, but say married. I am pissed at myself for spending money on the site. It is a total scam.

Pretty pictures, though when I printed age limits, I still got profiles from people younger than my youngest daughter.

1. The notes protocol
2. you could accidentally send notes with no content
3. That the people answering are "dumb as posts" and cant or won't answer a question
4. That it is a blatant "rip-off"


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