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Last updated: September 13, 2019
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Tempting Fling reviews (2):

Tempting Fling - A Blatant Scam


A site with very plausible older women using explicit sexual language, which is refreshing in some respects but not genuine in my opinion. Please comments below.

Explicit sex chatter from vrry horny older women. Titillating. One wishes these women actually existed. Many are the stoff of an older man's fantasy.

I agree entirely with the other reviewer. Not genuine. I was looking at profiles of women over 60. With few exceptions all used more explicit sexual language than can be found in genuine profiles of people in this age group. Very quick replies to hits is another clue. These are computer programmed, but many seem natural. There may be a genuine personal profile, but that is too hard to find. It's a pity, because the photos look genuine, as well as some of the profile descriptions, they are not the ones by and large responding. I would however like to hear from someone who paid money to join this site. I fidn't, although I was tempted.

Jacques se does NOT recommend Tempting Fling to friends/family

Tempting Fling - Disappointing


I found that many of the girls on the site are fake. It is almost as if someone else is responding in the messages.
Meaning, either the photos of some of the girls are fake, and a central location replies to questions.
Or, the photos are of real people, just not them and they get paid by getting you to buy credits to hear more sex talk.
So with that, I think this site is a scam. Do not join, it will not be a good experience.

Easy to figure out

It is a scam.

dan does NOT recommend Tempting Fling to friends/family

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