Tempting Fling Review - Tempting Fling is mostly a scam

Tempting Fling - Tempting Fling is mostly a scam


It appears that most of the girls on this site, are actually "employees" of the site in some for or another, and are tasked with getting you to chat with them and use as many credits as possible.
The site interface is so 90s, as the only mechanism to communicate with each other is via the internal email system, which is not very interactive.
The easiest way to determine if the person you are talking to is real or an employee, is to simply ask them to switch to using a different platform other than the site.
The employees are not allowed to do so, since the site can't make money if they do. And no real person, will purposefully want to stay on the site and pay to send an email when they can just as easily do it elsewhere for free.
They got creative and said other sites are not as secured, accused me of implying that they weren't worth spending credits on, or that it was more convenient to stay on the site. They tried to draw me into an argument as every response and every accusation is another credit.
I learned to give them a chance to switch by giving them my anonymous email address, and any response trying to justify staying on the site resulted in deletion of the tread, and me moving on to search for someone real. out of 75 attempts, I found one real person. Good luck

Pictures of some amazing looking women

None of them are real

Badodaim does NOT recommend Tempting Fling to friends/family


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