Review - Caution. Go Slow. - Caution. Go Slow.


The "Free" part of the site entices you to put in your name and email.
Harmless enough, i can do that.
The next box asks for more information. A whole page. Well....OK
The next page even more, all your likes, dislikes, getting personal. Annoyingly they won't let you skip things like "what sports do you like" or what is your favorite music? even if you have NO interest in sports or music.
Download pix....OK may as well do it right. I have come this far.
Two hours later I am a Free member. Whee.....!
It is late, so I go to bed.
The next morning my inbox is PACKED with 30 messages from interested Thai Women (15 women, all messages, for some reason are duplicated). I start to read the messages and look at the profiles. Wonderful!.
On the second message, before I have a chance to reply, The message blanks out and I am "invited" to become a Gold or platinum member so I can read my messages. $35 a month, Or multiple months for a discount. Clearly marked that it will renew every month unless you cancel.

I am sure there are lots of nice ladies to be met

They really are clever about sucking you in, moneywise.
I feel a bit railroaded, as there is no way I can ever answer all these nice girls, even if I do pay the money.

My email box is so crowded I can't find anything else.

I advise a special email drop box just for this site,


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