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ThaiCupid (formerly known as is a Thai dating and Thai personals site connecting Thai singles seeking friendship, dating, romance or marriage.

Join our dating site and start using chat rooms, meet Thai girls seeking marriage , Thai ladies seeking friendship, Thai penpals and more. Get started now! - Join for free to start meeting Thai women for dating, romance or maybe even marriage. Details

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Reviews: 18 reviews (18): - Racist


I joined this dating site 2 yrs ago. I am a born South african of indian origin. The first time i joined it was going really well. Meeting alot of pretty educated women. Thats what i joined for. Then when i started recieving response from the women ... their profiles wer not available to me!
And after a while i was banned from the site and re directed to the Phillipine cupid site! They even refunded my money even tho i had ppl who wer interested in me!
They told me i have better prospects on the Phillipine site rather than the Thai site! Who the f..k are they to decide that for me? Australia is a known rascist country. And thats wher this site is owned and located. Im a 100% sure that these rascists are behind allowing cross culture rels.. esp ppl of brown and black race from dating thais and europeans..

Ash does NOT recommend to friends/family - Scammers


i receive mails from switch of account or mails from nowhere,no foto and when you try to do something the website say this account is switch of.I do not understand if a account it switch of how i receive emails from those account.
Stay away from those scammers


all bad

Jack does NOT recommend to friends/family - Scam Experience Recent Member


I am a foreigner living in Thailand. Beside the red-light district, locals are more difficult especially if your thai language skill is limited.
I tested the site until signing for the 1yr package.
During test, very cute profiles would respond, but you cannot communicate without $ purchase.
After purchase, no cute profile responds.
Strangly, I get 'interest' mails often from cute girls and suddenly the profiles disappear.
I suspect these are automated 'leaders' to entice me.
I suggest automated because there is no staff to answer questions. This website is entirely automated with responses. I ask specific question and always get automated reply with key word links. Never a real person response.

Great place to just waste time chatting to profiles with no photo.
Interesting if you only want to look at eye candy photos, but those profiles NEVER respond regardless how good your own profile is.

#1 Completely automated program and you cannot ask specific questions.
#2 10,000+ member listed but maybe 1000 active, since 90% are listed to have logged in 'longer than 12 months ago', but does not specify if 12 or 24 or 36 months ago, so I assume these profiles are from the programs inception.
#3 I get 'interest' mails from cute women often and the profiles suddenly disappear when I try to respond.
#4 According to other comment, be careful to sign with a credit card you intend on cancelling because the company will do automatic payments.
#5 There is no telephone, no contact but only automated forms to contact and a snail mail address, so good luck reversing charges.

Ed Cleverl does NOT recommend to friends/family - False 3 Month Trial Period


I signed up for a 3 month trial membership, and upon completion of the trial Thaicupid charged my account for a 3 month subscription. I don't have any problems with the website, it's just not something I had used during the trial and I had no intention of continuing. I sent an email to the company asking for a refund, and they refused due to legal fine print. So I had the charges reversed through my bank. What a real pain in the butt!

Bad customer service
Overcharge members when they try to leave

Michael does NOT recommend to friends/family - rebilling without consent


I have used this site a lot in the past,,and I remember they have always quoted,,we do not rebill without your consent,,,well recently they changed that policy,,and now I realised they have billed me for 3 months,,and I only joined for 1 month...Other sites use this trickery to steal your money,,they hide the rebill button,,and they check it if you join up,,check to see if your going to be rebilled...I HATE WEBSITES THAT STEAL YOUR MONEY THROUGH TRICKERY...Thaicupid,,and all their connecting sites will probably be the same now,,and they have about 20 of them...BE WARNED..

ok site,,but they steal your money

they steal your money if not careful..

peter does NOT recommend to friends/family - giving you the guarantee - scary!


T.C. is brightly lit with wonderful design and enthusiastic passages full of potential beautiful mates!
The gals that introduce themselves with profile and pics are truly amazing and near addictive to the lonely heart.
This site makes meeting online exciting and breathtaking.

Lots of suspicious things that worry me, many of the comments that the ladies make in the profile are duplicated almost exactly. And beyond the shady way they get your money...there is this profile validation service that they brought up. They want you - and they specifically instruct you to send a photograph of your passport photo and info, or send a photo of your identification ( drivers license). If they are all ready shutting and forcing people out after pay...then what's to stop further frauds or thefts . Scared me outta there before I foolishly paid into it.

steve-o does NOT recommend to friends/family - Many nice women, I found my wife here!


I joined the site in 2009, immediately I got contact with a few nice women. I chose one that seemed trustful and nice. Good choice! We met first time summer 2009, and I have been there every year since, and last summer she visited me. We are going to marry in december...
My history might be a result of good luck and choice... There are fake profiles here too, but which dating site does not!

Nice and sincere women. I found my wife here!

Fake profiles, but ask for a chat on the site with cam immediately. You have to be aware of that there are scammers and gold digggers here too...

Stein does recommend to friends/family - Caution. Go Slow.


The "Free" part of the site entices you to put in your name and email.
Harmless enough, i can do that.
The next box asks for more information. A whole page. Well....OK
The next page even more, all your likes, dislikes, getting personal. Annoyingly they won't let you skip things like "what sports do you like" or what is your favorite music? even if you have NO interest in sports or music.
Download pix....OK may as well do it right. I have come this far.
Two hours later I am a Free member. Whee.....!
It is late, so I go to bed.
The next morning my inbox is PACKED with 30 messages from interested Thai Women (15 women, all messages, for some reason are duplicated). I start to read the messages and look at the profiles. Wonderful!.
On the second message, before I have a chance to reply, The message blanks out and I am "invited" to become a Gold or platinum member so I can read my messages. $35 a month, Or multiple months for a discount. Clearly marked that it will renew every month unless you cancel.

I am sure there are lots of nice ladies to be met

They really are clever about sucking you in, moneywise.
I feel a bit railroaded, as there is no way I can ever answer all these nice girls, even if I do pay the money.

My email box is so crowded I can't find anything else.

I advise a special email drop box just for this site, - Nice scam


I agree with every review written here, this website is a total con, they kick out people once they receive payments....

Nice scam

Suspend your account once they you receive your payment.

Carlos does NOT recommend to friends/family - BEWARE "YOU WONT GET BACK YOUR MONEY"




a friend of mine got cheated on this website after he made a payment via his credit card, his account has been suspended for no reason they asked copies of ID and credit card which he did and then nothing, no answer to his emails

and then they ask him to a money order to this address in Australia

PO Box 9304
Gold Coast MC QLD 9726

this I assume the same company as Filipino Cupid and if you Google Filipino Cupid scams you will find hundreds of people who sent payment to the same address and didn't get their money back, I also note that they don't accept any bank transfer which raise a lot of suspicions

so eventually my friend had to contact his bank to issue a charge back to in the process he lost more then 70$.

so i decided to give it a try myself this time using my PayPal account as it s much more safer, after i created my profile and posted my photo, clicked on upgrade, i decided to opt for gold membership to test their service then i had the message "you must link your credit card.." message ??? WTF i had already a credit of 300$ in my paypal ?? why they need to ask for it ?? nevertheless I entered my credit card number.

After 8 hours while logging to my account i had the message "your account has been suspended "WOW" I contacted their customer service and they asked for a refund so having no reply from them I opened a paypal dispute and escalate it.

I eventually got a refund from paypal but note that paypal issue a refund to both merchant and buyer, so they basically got money for 5 hour scam !!!

note that on the billing page of the profile they have automatic billing even if a member dont choose to do that, I read in some forums that some people get billed for months until they had to suspend their credit card with their bank.



2-they will suspend your account for no valid reason and you wont get your money back.


Antonio does NOT recommend to friends/family

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