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I am a foreigner living in Thailand. Beside the red-light district, locals are more difficult especially if your thai language skill is limited.
I tested the site until signing for the 1yr package.
During test, very cute profiles would respond, but you cannot communicate without $ purchase.
After purchase, no cute profile responds.
Strangly, I get 'interest' mails often from cute girls and suddenly the profiles disappear.
I suspect these are automated 'leaders' to entice me.
I suggest automated because there is no staff to answer questions. This website is entirely automated with responses. I ask specific question and always get automated reply with key word links. Never a real person response.

Great place to just waste time chatting to profiles with no photo.
Interesting if you only want to look at eye candy photos, but those profiles NEVER respond regardless how good your own profile is.

#1 Completely automated program and you cannot ask specific questions.
#2 10,000+ member listed but maybe 1000 active, since 90% are listed to have logged in 'longer than 12 months ago', but does not specify if 12 or 24 or 36 months ago, so I assume these profiles are from the programs inception.
#3 I get 'interest' mails from cute women often and the profiles suddenly disappear when I try to respond.
#4 According to other comment, be careful to sign with a credit card you intend on cancelling because the company will do automatic payments.
#5 There is no telephone, no contact but only automated forms to contact and a snail mail address, so good luck reversing charges.

Ed Cleverl does NOT recommend to friends/family


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