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I joined this dating site 2 yrs ago. I am a born South african of indian origin. The first time i joined it was going really well. Meeting alot of pretty educated women. Thats what i joined for. Then when i started recieving response from the women ... their profiles wer not available to me!
And after a while i was banned from the site and re directed to the Phillipine cupid site! They even refunded my money even tho i had ppl who wer interested in me!
They told me i have better prospects on the Phillipine site rather than the Thai site! Who the f..k are they to decide that for me? Australia is a known rascist country. And thats wher this site is owned and located. Im a 100% sure that these rascists are behind allowing cross culture rels.. esp ppl of brown and black race from dating thais and europeans..

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