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Last updated: April 3, 2012
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ThaiMatches - A Thai Dating site where provides a platform for Thai women and gentlemen from Western backgrounds. Unlike other sites where online dating may be unpleasantly treated as a casual identity game,we offers you the unique opportunity to meet Thai singles who remain largely unexplored. 100% free to join.

This website doesn't exist anymore!

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ThaiMatches reviews (6):

ThaiMatches - Ladies profile


Have you see in the ladies profile showing her capacity of speaking English and when finally you send her your personal e-mail, She say my English is not good to communicate directly without a translator??????Funny right?
First of all: What kind of site that wants to be trustful would allowed a member to write a lies in it?
I sent a ticket about it saying i would only contact and like to be contacted by ladies that really speaks English. They answer was that they could not control it. But the site is one introduce you to the ladies. So the real fact is that if there is a real lady, the site does not consider your profile at all passing it to any lady as way for them to make a tons of money.
And all this makes me think that in the most case, specially in live chats, there is not a lady., but just employees for the company pretending to be this lady.
Advise: check a Just to let you know i am not affiliated with this site or any other, but i check it , customize your search and look for a Thai lady and you will see that every profile, hardly you will find one lady between 20 to 35 years old looking for a gentleman 20 years older than her. So , why mostly profiles in ThaiMatches or any other Asian dating site has such open mind about it?
I have my mind set about it, i hope you will too.

See a beautiful faces??? u can see it in the magazines ,,,,,

everything direct you to think, it is a big scam.

Tom does NOT recommend ThaiMatches to friends/family

ThaiMatches - money grabing scam web site



well i have been on this site for months wow have i spent a lot of money.i think the girls are real but i would say every letter is checked and changed to drag out the time so you will more and more. after a month on the site and a few letters to some ladys i spotted one lady i really liked.i thaught she is the one for me she was 36 years old and a after many weeks and 30 or 40 letters lots of money spent at this stage.feeling that i was chating with two different ladys i was getting piss off because i was falling for her not sure witch one because of the letters not been consistant .so i stoped writing for a week .then one day at my work my colleage called me to my office he sead there was a thai woman with bad english on the phone looking for was the woman i was writing to in thailand.i never gave her my phone number and she lives 10000miles from me how did she get the she was all sad on the phone she sead thaimatchs stoped send my letters to she gave me her mobile and house numbers her email and her facebook page on that after that i wrote a letter to the company to complane about why this happend they sead it was missunderstanding
there was no problem.first question how did this woman get my number i think she works for company and she wanted to get to know me how else would she get my number.any she ended up been a nutter. i think you very rearly in contact with a real woman . stay away and dont even speak about the chinese part of it big fucking scam
more men needs to know this you bere better use your money to light the fire cheers lads best of luck .you know its a pitty i am into thai girls mabe there is some nice ones out there

you be happy for a while

total money scam and you will be happy for a short while

john kelly does NOT recommend ThaiMatches to friends/family

ThaiMatches - Get real


After me and one of my friends spent wads of money we finally figured out that it's a big scam. Ninety percent of the time the company appears to be making chat for a girl that's not real or when she is real she rarely gets the mails. This is not a western company and not a Thai company. Anything goes.

A great way to stay single and spend that hard earned money.

There are better ways to meet a nice girl. If I rated this company with stars I would give them a negative one.

Bob Much does NOT recommend ThaiMatches to friends/family

ThaiMatches - Visited girl from


I visited a girl in Bangkok after about two months of letters once a week. ( I was planning on being in Manila and Bangkok already so what the heck.) total money was less than 100 bucks. She was a nurse as she said. She spent just about every waking hour with me for eight days I was in Bangkok. Nice girl. Humble background. Totally classy. Did not demand expensive dates. No sad song about needing money for grandma. I had local Thai friends check her out as well. We decided we were not marriage material. No bad feelings. She was every bit as cute as the picture. She was showing me off to co-workers and friends to my surprise. I will meet at least one more girl from this site in August when i go back. I am learning the language and more of the culture before next trip. The website on the other hand is expensive if you use it wrong. The gifts are rediculously priced crap that no Thai woman would appreciate. The business aspect of this site is Chinese so yes, your money can disappear quite fast if you let it. It's a business run by Chinese! Cheaper to get a bargirl if you just want some poon!. In all fairness i have to say that Thaimatches delivered in my case.

This site makes you decide rather quickly which girl You are interested in.

This site makes you decide rather quickly which girl you are interested in!!

ThaiMatches - Too many inconsistancies !


they say they are there to help u cummunicate they but they are there to insure that there
is a trickle of info at best in my opinoin, I think they edit at will,I think they recycle stock or wanna be model photos .this is how it goes,they send u five sentences of very generic info,which costs u six (usd),then ask them one or two questions, again six(usd),then u get a reply which may or may not answer the questions you asked, six (usd). All the while demanding more and more photos and yet they oddly forget to mention theyre on facebook u could share as many photos as you want ,and, instant message more info in 30minutes than a month of three sentense letters.Plus u can download tranlation programs for free google, yahoo etc.What's really ridiculous is the fact that ,in bangkok,basically 100 % of the people speak English.I thinkl it's about gettinng your dollars and "re-gifting", if you will, you image and your info.

A couple of days of thinking some cute Asian girl is interested in you !!

The ether wares off to the sad truth that they're motivation has nothing to do about making a connection, communicating, love ,or frienship. It' about spreading the wealth. . . . . . . . .YOURS !

k.c. does NOT recommend ThaiMatches to friends/family

ThaiMatches - not sure


I am not sure about this website. It is very expensive. Each email cost much money. I write one email and the girl will send me two email which costs ME much money. She could easily send ONE email. Not two. So, I am thinking this site is just trying to get my money. I am not 100% sure they are scamming but a good site will eliminate doubts.

lovely girls that SEEM to respond.

EXPENSIVE. Not sure if I am genuinely corresponding with the girl or simply someone who speaks english.

william does NOT recommend ThaiMatches to friends/family

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