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ThaiMatches - Ladies profile


Have you see in the ladies profile showing her capacity of speaking English and when finally you send her your personal e-mail, She say my English is not good to communicate directly without a translator??????Funny right?
First of all: What kind of site that wants to be trustful would allowed a member to write a lies in it?
I sent a ticket about it saying i would only contact and like to be contacted by ladies that really speaks English. They answer was that they could not control it. But the site is one introduce you to the ladies. So the real fact is that if there is a real lady, the site does not consider your profile at all passing it to any lady as way for them to make a tons of money.
And all this makes me think that in the most case, specially in live chats, there is not a lady., but just employees for the company pretending to be this lady.
Advise: check a Just to let you know i am not affiliated with this site or any other, but i check it , customize your search and look for a Thai lady and you will see that every profile, hardly you will find one lady between 20 to 35 years old looking for a gentleman 20 years older than her. So , why mostly profiles in ThaiMatches or any other Asian dating site has such open mind about it?
I have my mind set about it, i hope you will too.

See a beautiful faces??? u can see it in the magazines ,,,,,

everything direct you to think, it is a big scam.

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