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Last updated: May 14, 2018
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UnTrue.com - Looking for something discreet

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URL: http://www.untrue.com/

Categories: Extramarital Dating

Reviews: 6

UnTrue.com reviews (6):

UnTrue.com - untrue is fake


do not waste your time or money on this ripoff nothing about this site is legit,except for the billing.it's the only site that you cant cancel membership thru c.s. you gotta call them to cancel(premium membership only).donot join!!!!!!!!!


the whole thing is a con the only response will be a young russian

BBDoctor does NOT recommend UnTrue.com to friends/family

UnTrue.com - Two women with same name one in Europe and one in


Awful website scam and fraud. Subscribe and you will never hear from anyone again. You my friend will cease to exist.

Go to search by username. Type in the username and you will 7 out of 10 times find 2 profiles one in Europe and one in the US. Obviously both profiles are fake.

At taking your money they are pros.

Yes they should be locked up for scamming the public.

JT does NOT recommend UnTrue.com to friends/family

UnTrue.com - Don't spend a cent or waste any of your time


Site is linked with other "dating" sites. Most contacts are OC which means online cupids which essentially means they are not real. Or they post their yahoo account email on the photo which usually means they are scam or cam queens trying to either scam your credit card info or get you to pay to see them on cam via another website.rnrnI'm not a paid member so I can't say whether or not you will actually meet someone from the site, but I wouldn't pay any money or hold your breath waiting for someone to contact you.rnrn

Lots of interesting messages in your Untrue.com inbox

Few actual people on the site

UnTrue.com - I'm considering signing up


I've actually gotten replies. Maybe the guys having problems with this site are just limp or not giving out very thoughtful replies (how can ANY girl resist 500, lmao). Dating site reviews would be easier to take seriously if they were written by the ladies we're trying to hook up with. But then, of course, there's no justifying the fake profiles.

I'm thinking about it.

may be fake

Marc does NOT recommend UnTrue.com to friends/family

UnTrue.com - A complete SCAM


Don't waste a cent on untrue!!!!

In the small print of it's terms and conditions they actually say;
" We don't guarantee you'll meet anyone ....The site is here for entertainment only...The people on it may be fictitious and not available for dating....

Well all that's true... I know .... I have tried everything, including offering incentives of money $500 to the supposed ladies to meet, and so on ...
No one responds with an actual date . NO ONE.

Because there is no one there.... it's all fictitious to get you to spend money on web cams and porno...and whilst doing that you are paying these disgusting scammers, who by the way are based in Cyprus in Europe, a monthly fee.

Dont waste anything on them..... go to real dating sites.... meet real women.

Don't waste a cent on untrue!!!!!!!!


Its a complete total SCAM

wholly tru does NOT recommend UnTrue.com to friends/family

UnTrue.com - Totally Untrue


I could write an extensive review of this ripoff dating site. Those who participate in misleading others are dispicable human beings. Talk about people with a complete lack of honor, decency and integrity. This enterprise is a complete
scam. As PT Barnum once said, "There's a sucker born ever minute."

There is absolutely nothing positive about this site.

This dating site is a complete scam. Once you sign up you will be unindated with
profiles of mostly beautiful women, many of which will supposedly send you personal messages. In responding to these messages you will never get a reply,
regardless of how sincere you are.

David Bake does NOT recommend UnTrue.com to friends/family

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