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Last updated: May 14, 2018
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Xpress.com is one of the world's biggest and most effortless to utilize grown-up dating locales. Our mission is to guarantee that each of our clients join with the individual they're looking to meet. Is it true that you are tired of managing the same tiresome methodologies that appear to run as one with dating online? It appears to take always to basically begin on most dating destinations! Give us a chance to streamline that process and make it work for you. We've built our site to guide you through critical points of interest that will help you get laid as fast as could be expected under the circumstances so you can get right to what matters! Include to the extent that as meager particular data as you like and alter your profile whenever, on the grounds that let's be honest, your needs are continually changing. Xpress utilizes the most a la mode calculations to help you discover sex. Our relationship masters have likewise helped the creation and usage of our site, on the grounds that we need to certification to our customers that it lives up to expectations. We've invested years assembling a dating motor that works for you on the grounds that we know your time is important. We aren't upbeat unless our customers are! Also now we've raised the stakes on transferring a fundamental profile photograph to permit you to transfer a VIDEO profile too. Texting, feature visiting, intuitive talk rooms at Xpress there's an arms stockpile of apparatuses intended to expand your shots of discovering a companion with profits.

At Xpress, you have the capacity to see who has been looking at you! Other dating destinations don't provide for you the choice, however with us you cannot just see who has included you as a companion, yet who needs to meet with you and even the individuals who were interested enough to view your profile! Presently you have a full program of individuals that you know are intrigued by snaring. We trim the fat and get down to what's truly critical indulgences. There's no surer approach to meet your match than to blanket each accessible plot. The Internet is an unfathomable wild of grown-up dating alternatives that could be hard to arrange. That is the reason Xpress.com provides for you a bigger number of decisions than whatever viable dating site. Only out of a long haul relationship and searching for a causal excursion or hookup? We can help via matching your profile with others searching for comparative encounters. Whether it is an issue, one night stand or a long haul relationship that you need, we can help you discover it. We are additionally elective lifestyle well disposed, as confirm by our itemized profiles. So what are you holding up for? sign up free today! At Xpress we pander to recognizing daters. That is the reason we'll have you fill in a standout amongst the most definite 'What I'm Looking For' segments on the web to slender down your matches and lead you to EXACTLY who you're looking to meet. Alternately, you can scan for a match yourself and channel by age, area, diversions, and a flock of other criteria you yourself have quite recently rounded out! The more you exploit the Xpress.com, the better your chances of achievement.

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XPress.com - Beware of Xpress


Ok so I did as the guy above and paid $1.95 ..I did get \"normal\" girl mail,from 8 ladies within 1 day . \r\n*) No mention of the service level for trials. How can it be a trial if your not able to connect back to anyone?\r\n*) cancelled trial to discover I was also banged $1.50 for a second Trial????\r\n*) then CCBill discovered I had been \"Preselected for a $149.95 full Gold annual membership.)\"...what the heck ?\r\nAll the money was returned, and I did get some follow up mail from the same ladies. \r\n*) all mail was short with no mention of contact outside the site. and most responses were like...\"Hey I haven\'t made up my mind yet cause your not spending enough money on this site yet\"....Duh !\r\n* ) I did contact CS and they responded with a bogus excuse that..\"Oh were not allowing you to reply at any level,cause your a security risk to our profits.....hahahahah !!!!\r\nThey load your page clicks with upgrade to Gold for $5.00/month and we\'ll see to it you can chat to porn babes...but as for finding a real person.....Nodda-Chance Mister cause we learned from The Russian @ Anastasia.com how to keep men separated from there affections and charge them for the privilege of receiving no value at all. \r\n\r\nNot matter what you do...stay away from this site !\r\n\r\nIf you want to meet real chicks...try blossoms com.. save your money.\r\n\r\nJack

Total fantasy !

Total rip-off !

XPress.com - Scam


I was smart enough to realize what a scam it was by all the stolen and repeated professional pictures and generic profiles, and was not going to pay for anything. Especially an "advanced search"

Email's never showed they were sent, and even the 100% Guarantee listedn ever actually told you how they "guaranteed" anything. No refund or such in the fine print.

Maybe one or two real users are snuck in here, and maybe an escort as well since they have "Compensation for time"

They need an actual escort if that is what people are looking for.

They try to ahrd to make it look professional. Any one can determine its full of shit.

Was worth 20 minutes to laugh.


Yes. Yes it is one big con.

Mar Lee does NOT recommend XPress.com to friends/family

XPress.com - Scam Site


I decided to try the trial membership for $1.95 as I figured what could I lose? Almost immediately I began to recognize shady signs.

Point one, I'm not an ugly guy, nor am I super attractive, but I began to receive a few random emails from pretty hot women. They weren't the over obviously scam emails though, they were more subtle with a short opening like "Hey, what do you do for fun?"

Which brings me to point two. Every single message was like that with, the exact same punctuation. and grammar! Let's be honest for those of us that have experience with internet dating: proper grammar is a rarity.

Point three. The difference between this site and most scam sites is they'll respond asking for money or to check out their personal site. This one is trickier as they do respond directly to your reply emails. Now if this is blatantly obvious in one of their special features or what not, I apologize for being arrogant and dumb, but I believe there is someone who is either compensated or works for the site that is sending out the emails using fake profiles as alias. I believe the goal is to keep you entertained and make you think that you are actually talking to someone interested, when in reality they are sucking up your money.

Conclusion, if you want to take a risk to actually meet real people, or if you want to pay for casual conversation, this is the site for you. Otherwise, buyers beware.

Chad does NOT recommend XPress.com to friends/family

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