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Dating is not always easy when you're disabled. Your social life may not be as extensive compared to people who aren't disabled. Luckily there are disability datingsites: these websites focus on people that have a disability or shortcoming in any way. Through disability dating you can meet new people in an easy way to become friends or have a more intimate relationship.
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Reviews about Positive Singles.com

Positive Singles.com

The best, most trusted and largest dating site for STD singles and friends in the world.

70 million people are living with STDs in the U.S. alone, as well as an estimated 400 million people worldwide. Are you one of them?

When you have Herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS, or any other STD, it can feel like you are all alone in the world. Do you wish there was a place where you didn't have to worry about being rejected or discriminated?
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Reviews about HIV Dating Service

HIV Dating Service

Looking for an HIV Dating Service that won't rip you off but can still provide you with a great member database and an actual chance at meeting someone? Well, this one will do just that! If you sign up now, you can create a profile completely free of charge and browse through our database to find a partner. We have thousands of single men and women that are HIV positive, lonely and looking for that someone special to come their way! Maybe one of them is the man or woman of your dreams!

Give our HIV Dating Service a try and see what happens. You have nothing to lose by giving the site a tria
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Reviews about DisabledSinglesDating


Whether you have a disability or are simply an open-minded person, DisabledSinglesDating.com is the place to be. Here, hundreds of adult singles are coming in hopes of finding a date or even that special someone to share life. Many are satisfied with the services offered, and you, too, can find happiness and joy in your romance life.

More disabled adults are finding the benefits of online dating. Because it can be done from the comfort of their own homes and have access to a wider audience, they won’t judge them based on their disability. This is great! But the better news about this top-n
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Reviews about DisabledPeopleDate


Living with a disability should not stop you from finding true love. No matter what condition you suffer from, you can find that special someone to spend time and share love, using this awesome dating site.

DisablePeopleDate.com has been the leading choice for many people who have a disability when it comes to dating. Simple and well-designed, the website comes with all the required features and an extensive database of users for you to browse through. Now, you will be able to get in touch and meet thousands of people worldwide.

Creating an account is completely free, and in no time, y
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Reviews about Deafs.com


Love is blind, but is it deaf? You’ll never know until you log in on Deafs.com and start meeting interesting people who want to share their life stories and struggles with you. Referred to as the largest dating site for deaf people, Deafs.com comprises the most extensive database of deaf singles on the Internet. Of course, access to the website is not restricted. Anyone who is open-minded can join this fun and interactive online dating community and even find a partner here. Do you think you can cross social barriers and get to know deaf people?

Anyone over the age of 16 can have a complet
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Reviews about Dating For Deaf

Dating For Deaf

It’s not always easy to find a partner as a deaf person. While they are people, too, who can watch out and take care of themselves, a lot of prejudice still hinges towards them. This social stigma makes romance hard to find and intimacy with a partner unbearable.

DatingForDeaf.com is the first dating site of its kind, created for deaf people who are putting their hopes that the internet might help them find that perfect partner for them. You don’t have to be deaf to join this website, but being open-minded is a non-negotiable demand.

Anyone can have a free account on this dating site.
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Reviews about DatingDisabled


People who have a disability deserve love as much as anyone else. Although they still face a lot of prejudice today, their quest and struggle for finding a partner to share life with is real. That’s why DatingDisabled.net was launched in the first place. Their mission is to help people with disabilities from all around the world find a life partner with whom to share life, in all its beauty and hardship.

We recommend this fine dating site for its success rates. According to their inside data, 92% of couples matched by the website are still together even after five years. This should make y
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Reviews about Dating Amputee

Dating Amputee

People who suffered a severe accident or were born with one of their members can be life models sometimes. From Oscar Pistorius, the famous sprinter to Oliva Jackson, the actresses who appeared in Mad Max, people with amputees can be inspiring. Also, they can be great lovers. Although there’s still a lot of prejudice towards them, more people are opening their minds and their hearts. If you are an open-minded person yourself, then DatingAmputee.com is a great place to meet interesting and inspiring people.

The website is straightforward and well-designed. This means that anyone can use it.
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Reviews about Amputee Angels

Amputee Angels

As a disabled, finding someone to share love can be a burden most of the time. That's why Amputee Angels has made it their mission to help amputated people find love in this world.

There's a lot of prejudices when it comes to disabled people, let alone those with amputated limbs. That's why Amputee Angels had decided, and successfully managed, to create a community where amputated people can discuss and meet.

For years, this online dating website has managed to bring together and make happy people who were born without one of their limbs - or lost them in an unfortunate accident.

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Reviews about Deaf Singles Meet

Deaf Singles Meet

As with most people who have a disability, deaf people face harsh and draconic challenges when trying to find a loving partner with whom to share life moments and romance. Put it simply, people don’t understand, or hold prejudices, towards people who cannot hear. If you are an open-minded person and wish to talk, meet and even date a person who is deaf, then this website is probably the best place to be.

DeafSinglesMeet.com offers secure and top-notched online dating service to people who visit their website. Your data is completely safe on this site, and you can browse it without fear of
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Reviews about Whispers4U.com


Welcome to our unique disabled dating service. Whispers4u.com has been helping disabled singles find love online since 2002.
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Reviews about No Longer Lonely

No Longer Lonely

Everybody has the right to be loved, and that’s the main reason why this dating site has been created in the first place. People who suffer from a mental illness have it harder finding a loving partner, and dating can be troublesome for them. No Longer Lonely is here to give a hand to those who suffer from a mental illness by helping them find a partner who also needs someone to love them. Also, finding someone who can really understand your condition can be a real life challenge, that’s why you should fearlessly access and create an account on this website.

On this dating site, no one w
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Reviews about Prescription4Love


Prescription 4 Love wants to be the premier resource for people with special conditions to find each other for happiness. These days, many people are seeking others online and consequently, specialized alternative dating services have emerged. Dating with a Health condition or STD can be awkward, especially when it comes time to divulge your situation, so an online service such as Prescription 4 Love could be just the outlet for you. Finding others with similar circumstances is a natural desire for everyone. Honesty is important, but finding an opportune situation to broach the subject can be
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Reviews about AllDisabled.org


All Disable is one of few online dating websites for people with disabilities and those who have the courage to believe in them. The website was first launched as a possible solution to a problem that people with disabilities face every day - namely, finding a soulmate.

Disabled people face many different challenges each day. Things that others take for granted are a daily provocation for those who have a disability. Blind people have a hard time walking on crowded boulevards and crossing busy roads. People in wheelchairs have to face difficulties all the time when accessing public and pri
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Reviews about DatePositive.net


Hello and welcome to the biggest HIV dating site in the United Kingdom. Here, hundreds of HIV-positive people are trying to find support through love and friendship, and even someone special to share life.

HIV people are probably the most discriminated individual out there. This comes from the lack of knowledge and fear of those around them. As a consequence, people who have been infected have a harder time finding new friends, let alone a life partner.

Datepositive.net has a clear mission: to educated the masses on the issue and helped HIV people find love and happiness. Yes, here, you
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Reviews about DisabledFriends.com


Disabledfriends.com is a global, fully interactive and unified virtual portal for disabled people, allowing them to create new friendships and build relationships within their own community and further a field; a central and secure area to discuss issues that affect disabled people in their daily lives, as well as a place to provide a support, offer advice and assistance. This to be achieved through interactive discussion forums, live geographical and topic talk rooms, message and entertainment centre.
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Reviews about DisabledUnited.com


Started in 2001, by a group of people with big, warm hearts, DisabledUnited.com has managed to help many find meaning and true happiness in life by offering quality dating services.

We all know that disabled people still face a lot of prejudice in society. This can make dating a real challenge. You can’t pick up and find partners like anyone else, and sometimes, you simply feel that you need help. That’s where this great site becomes useful.

DisabledUnited.com is more than a dating site: it’s a dynamic community of people who are searching for true love. Here, you can find relevant inf
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Reviews about HerpesFish.com


Plenty Of Herpes Fish - Herpes / HPV Dating, Friends

Meet People Living with Herpes and Dating Someone with Herpes ! Secure for People with Herpes!
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Reviews about HivPoz.net


Meet Positive Singles Today!
For Positive Singles looking to intereact with others, We're The Best Online HIV Positive Dating Service.
Online HIV Positive Dating Personals.
Browse HIV Positive Personals Ads for FREE!!!
Post your HIV Positive Dating Profile for FREE!
Chat in the HIV Positive Chatroom with Other HIV+ Singles, FREE!
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Reviews about MeetDisabledFriends


MeetDisabledFriends.com is designed in order to help disabled people in the quest of friendship and dating for a relationship. This disabled dating site allows you to create your own profile and view over 10000 real ads for disabled people in your area! Connect now with our disabled members and share information, stories, interests, advice, events, sport, concerns and accomplishments of all members of our community for disabled people.
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Reviews about POZ Personals

POZ Personals

Join POZ Personals, the fastest growing online community for HIV positive dating?now with over 115,000 members!
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