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eLove - I whole heartedly recommend Elove. The serious sh


Hi. I whole heartedly recommend Elove and believe that everyone who is serious about finding that special someone should include Elove in their search strategy.

I am a mid. 50's semi retired attorney with a heart condition, but I look marvelous, am a divorced man with young kids, loved being married and I wanted to get into another meaningful relationship with a woman in her late 40?s who longed to participate in a respectful loving stepmother roll. I knew I would be a hard fit, plus I am picky, so to accomplish this I joined the internet dating cites Plenty Of Fish with upgrade, Match, Eharmony, Chemistry and the matchmaking service Elove. I meet the second love of my life through Elove. This review only regards Elove.

Elove is expensive because you have people, rather than some computer, matching you (and verifying your information) but it is worth it. The Elove matchmakers really get to know you and all of their members in the ? Elove Club?. After each date my Elove matchmaker would call me, if I did not call her first, and quiz me on the date experience including what we did and what I thought of my date. The Elove matchmaker is always learning about what you like from your take on your date and what you are like from your dates take on you. If you are a jerk, it will soon become evident to the Elove matchmakers.

When going though the dating process, which I focused on enjoying (and did), I felt that keeping my spirits up and having a good mental attitude was critical. I did not want to feel desperate and settle because I felt lonely or was in a bad dating patch. I had dates with some excellent women and some not, through all of the dating avenues that I joined. However there would be periods where I had no dates at all from any of the internet dating cites. Whenever that happened, I could always depend on Elove to continue to present me with actual dates where I meet and enjoyed the company of quality women. With Elove providing me with a reliable stream of quality dates and the internet cites providing me with other dating opportunities (but more in the way of email flirting, which was also fun), I always felt good about the level of my social life and excited about what each new day would bring.

It is my opinion that finding the love of your life is too important to rely on just one dating vehicle and I paid a respectable amount of money to join the above listed dating avenues. But through it all Elove was the foundation of my actual dating social life. This is a sample of a letter that I wrote to my Elove matchmaker to thank her after I had put my membership on hold. (Yes at Elove you get to put your membership on hold for a year, 18 months or more just in case things that look so rosy at first, fall apart We have all been there.)

?I think that you are the best matchmaker. After one misstep match, (which was still a fun date) you truly listened and learned and went out and set me up with quality women who were in the ball park of what I wanted. You encouraged me to be totally honest with you and you used that information to get me the best matches available. You were always a pleasure to work with and you hit a home run with Linda.

Linda is attractive, smart, and sincere, has similar values to me and is very flexible and open. She is a very remarkable woman and over time we have found that we are extremely compatible and have fallen deeper in love. (You certainly got the compatibility part right.) I can not imagine why I would ever want to stop seeing her and I can not imagine any set of circumstances were I would ever feel good if she stopped seeing me.?

A neighbor who is doing the internet dating cites and getting alittle frustrated and depressed asked me how I meet such a lovely woman. I told her and now I told you.

Good luck in your search!

Sincerely Al

Actual dates.

Pleasant and caring matchmakers who work with you and get to know you and what you like in a match by what you said and by what your date said.

The information of your match has been verified and told to you.

You get to give feedback to your matchmaker about your match after each first date and that information is used to help iselecting your next match.

You do not get to select your match from a picture.

You really never know how many potential matches are in the club, that are matches that you would actually like to date.

Albert does recommend eLove to friends/family

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