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i am currenltly on blackfling i was checking it out at first this means i wasnt a paid member but i notice getting all these hot messages i ignored alot of them, then there was this one girl i seen really caught my eye and the site told me she wanted to see my picture and know more about me so i ran to get my debit card and paid the gold member price then i checked my messages she wasn't there as a matter of fact the last time she was on the website was 2 months before then i noticed they have lots of memebers are suppose to be new members that had been members 5 months before i got on and what happened to all those steamy messages ever since i gave them my money i recieved nothing. I been scamed !!!

plenty of black wemen on there and very attractive too.

most of the wemen well the most sexier ones havn't even been active on the site for months you wont knw this unless you are a paid member. Seems like mostly everyone on there is looking for love according to the profiles i read, its called blackfling but people are acting like its e-hormony. they will try to fool you with pictures of sexy females and say they are interested until they get ya money then you will find out they were not.

gregory does NOT recommend to friends/family

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