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BeNaughty - All the bad reviews are right


I can't remember why I joined this site in the first place, but it is a complete scam, for all the reasons listed in the other reviews. I'm guessing that the company that runs BeNaughty, also runs the webcam site that the girls try to get you to join.
I should have known better. Thinking with the wrong head again!
There might be a few real women here and there... but almost every woman/girl that wrote me or responded to me was a cam-girl or wanted to run some other scam on me.
It almost got to be funny, because they would say the same exact things. I would be surprised if there was even a girl at the other end of things. Probably some big fat guy laughing his head off.

I did chat with a couple of 'real' women... but I really don't know if they were even women.

The whole thing is one big scam

Craig Stit does NOT recommend BeNaughty to friends/family

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