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LuvFree - A place to be online


Luvfree is indeed a free website for registered members who are looking for friends or wants to be in a relation online.This is diversified free to all who are qualified and has followed the rules of the founder and maker of this site Luvfree. I have been here and met a lot of friends.Some we thought are their true personality but some are there to play games and never serious ..Its either they have had bad esperience that they are afraid to show their true self..thus ending to make the whole situation as a game to them..
As for friends, I would guess,this is much better to find. All ages, all nationality, all different characters, and all for fun.
The chat room is best to meet in this site/rather than going out like YM,msn,skype would not know..what the others intentions are..lolss

Best to meet friends..

Not serious here for a relationship. Wont work ..

vicky does recommend LuvFree to friends/family

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