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Ashley Madison - Your way off


I have had that box unchecked since day one. Is this like the fox watching the hen house you write about? You may police the site but you also have ringers too!\\r\\n\\r\\nStill waiting for customer support to answer this question, it\\\'s been a month now and no reply.\\r\\n\\r\\nWait until you have 5 credits left, you will get a collect message from a ringer.

I did finally after 3 months meet someone.

The collect messages, there should be a box to allow you to receive collect messages. Like allow collect message from othe profiles to be delivere to your mail box. Check here.

Adult Friendfinder - Watch out for the sharks


If she's young (25) and hot and flirting with you she's probably up to something. These sharks will give you an e-mail address and hen in contact will redirect you to another site. How may 25yr olds stay at a four seasons just to visit friends?

If they have that kind of money, they probably don't need to be scamming men.

AFF does a good job of deleting these profiles and if you report 1, they will watch out for you.

Good customer support

The fake profiles....

Gray does recommend Adult Friendfinder to friends/family

Ashley Madison - Scammers


Yes, they have personnel on the payroll who send collect messages and use fake profiles.

Who stays on line 24/7 for weeks on end? A dead give away!

Nothing, even the real profiles are scary.

Collect messages....Don't be fooled.

Gray does NOT recommend Ashley Madison to friends/family

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Date: September 20, 2012

By: Gray

Comment on: Scam Site

Yes, the same thing; I had no profile and a few hotties sent mail, WTF. When I mailed back a comment there was reply.

Ashley Madison is the same way and I busted them. I wrote to customer support and gave them profiles and facts and the crap stopped. The profiles would send collect messages ending up costing me money for every message. BTW who stays on line 24/7 for months? An employee that's who!

Adultfriendfinder has sharks that will direct you to another site when you contact them. At least AFF dose a good job of removing these profiles.

Try the and just pay for it! The real profiles are just as strange an effort as the scammer's profiles. I do have a couple of new pen-pals now from Russia and Spain. I wonder what they really want?LOL The minute I asked them for a photo with a sign that says hello Gray, they disappeared. LOL or maybe it was the fact that I asked them to be eating a BigMac in the photo too.

Good hunting folks.