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I became a member there, Iranianpersonals, and noticed every time I got online the website was under maintenance and it broke down after a few minutes. The other issue was that if one views the other gender's profiles, one can see that the same profile appears a few times for example on page one and again on page three. By doing that one can increase the number of people who are online at the same time! That means if there are 8 people online and you put their profiles twice it becomes 16. I am sure in the 21 century there is a software to avoid this issue from happening.
Anyway, when I informed them that their service is less than satisfactory and they should not charge people for this kind of service, they did not respond to me, but suspended my membership and refunded my money. There was no email and no apology or anything which could explain why things are this way.
I would say, I would not expect this kind of behavior in the civilised world.People would apologize and try to keep their customers happy. I suspect the one who runs this website is not aware what is going on there and if if he is awars and it is happening under his supervision,it is really depressing.

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