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The only reason I signed up for this site is because it was 'officially' reviewed by some dating review websites. Turns out these sites were paid off by to create FICTITIOUS 'data' about their success with the site. Got a 3 month membership as a result and heavily regret it. All, and I repeat, ALL the 'women' on this site are either:
-'online emissaries' (read the terms and conditions..) who are employees disguised as women on the website that are paid to respond to your messages and keep you busy while you continue failing to hookup .

Overall if you don't want to waste endless hours of your time and a good chunk of money, do not sign up for this site.

You will learn a lesson or two about capitalism and how it corrupts people to the greatest extent.

You will not hookup. Guaranteed!

AngryClien does NOT recommend to friends/family

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