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After meeting a few women on this site, I thought it wasn't a scam.
Then after I cancelled for awhile, I rejoined and now I've noticed that EVERY SINGLE woman on this site that I communicate with, wants to only communicate vie Xpress's email until we "Get to know one another" (Lies). They continually say that they want to meet...but they want to get to know me better. These continual non informative emails that get NOWHERE, are just a ploy to keep people on this site. I now believe that the owners of this site pay or credit women to use the same tactic, show interest and give little information ....and rarely. This site is so aggravating. The women use the same verbiage and tactic, so it leads me to believe that there is a model used by them that was given to them by the owners of this website. I am cancelling my membership permanently. Even if you are an attractive man....DO NOT PAY FOR THIS MEMBERSHIP!

Great pics

Tactic by owner(s) pay or credit women to just lead you on

Dirk does NOT recommend to friends/family

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