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perverts are below

①non payed members who are online everyday.
They write us just one word "Line?".
They send this to everyone they see.

why can't they pay to invest posibilities?
why they are onlie everyday without paying? too poor?

②those who had non japanese-but- asian wife or partner.
why always asian??? 80% of men in JQ is this categoly.

③profile pictures took in bed or naked. or in pilot clothes.
self confience is ok, but they send silent message "I'm super silly".

④saying their job is super successful.
I am so sure they are not.

⑤those who living in capital city of their country.
usually 2 or 3 hours from capital.
only 1 percent of them live in capital.

⑥talk is fun but never even try to come see me in japan.
they secretly have scary wife and crying kids.

its very fun to kill time.
enjoyable short and casual talk.

shallow talk never leads real friendship or partnership.
men and women in japancupid both talk with many many people so people forget each other.

and so many perverts like above. - many are over 40 yo geeks


Mostly are old men like over 40 years old never got married,
there are many reason over 40 and never married.

Those say "I have not met right".
I don't think so, they are committment phobiac.
Even 60 yo talk to me. oldre than my father, crazy.

I found many men in japancupid also log in koreancupid, chinesecupid, thaicupid, worldfriend, internationalcupid, dateinasia etc etc toooo many.

they have huge time to kill? or they are mentally ill?

Plus some men are married but saying they are single.
We have website which japanese girls come and talk about geeky episodes with creepy men from japancupid. everyday full of crazy story.

none. it is a false world.

normal men are 20s and early 30s.
normal hunk don't log in much.(they do not log in more than a month sadly, because they are normal hunk)

99% are "I love asian girls!" men.
They never care about indivisual. They just love asian girls.

every vacation they travel asia(cheap country). keep log in cupid searching for asian.

I met some european and usa guys in bangkok. nightlife in thai is too wild and crazy for japanese.
geeky westernguys love it. those kind of type use japancupid.

I am sure they have many asian girls in their Line or kakao or wechat or whatever it is. - Too many creepy asianfetish


Me: Japanese female.

I used the website a year.
It is very easy to use, you can see who are online and not.
If you like the profiles and photos, you can send heart mark.
Nice system.

Problem is men are so crazy about asian girls like a sickness. I was surprised many have Line ID which is only used in Japan and maybe thailand.
Many of them want to move to Japan. If failed, they will go try chinese, korean, if failed, they try taiwan, thailand...

The worst type is having maltiple talking application.
Line for japanese and thai girls.
Kakao for korean girls.
Wechat for chinese girls.

And some of them are online long hours every single day.


They are definately geek who can't have nice relationship with women of their own country, so they made this huge illusion and fantasy for asian girls: Geek.

easy to use.
easy to re write profiles and so on.

too many geeks and creepy men they just love asian girls.

they have 100 girls in their contact lists from JQ or other websites or their southeast asia trip.

If they can afford to come Japan, they come look for girls in Japan. They are there because they cannot afford.

Satoko does NOT recommend to friends/family

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Date: October 3, 2017

By: Noriko

Comment on: not a real world, enjoy or not it is up to you.

Thanks Amy! ;)

Date: September 12, 2017

By: Miyuki

Comment on: Perhaps I'm the lucky one?

no answer means they are not together anymore lol

Date: September 12, 2017

By: miyuki

Comment on: It's not worth it

yes totally agree. they never read profiles.

and so many asian maniac. they also have many other asiansite koreancupid, chinacupid, internationalcupid, and thaicupid etc etc. they just love asian girls.