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What a horrible website. There are guys but I can't seem to find them via zip code. And what's worse they expect the females to pay. Don't this website know that us girls are the reason why men visit their website? And when there are so many free websites around, to expect the females to pay to join is ridiculous.

I've met many guys on this website that frankly do not know that being a Sugar Daddy means giving a sugar baby an allowance, and / or pampering a sugar baby with money. Almost 90% of the guys who contacted me wants a committed long term relationship or marriage!!!!

If you're looking for marriage, perhaps you should not join a "Sugar Daddy" website???


Poor design
Women must pay
Not enough guys who understand how to be sugar daddies

Jessica does NOT recommend to friends/family

Seeking Arrangement - It's the best


Not sure where all these bad reviews are coming from. I've met 2 sugar daddies on SeekingArrangement in the two times I have been using the website. It works, and most of the guys are real. I actually met one of the riches man in the world on there, it was actually pretty cool.

I think for those of you who have not had much success, it is likely because (a) you don't know what you are looking for, or (b) you aren't gorgeous enough to be a sugar baby.

And for all those reviews that point to another dating website, I kind of think that is a blatant attempt at promoting your own website. I'd suggest those scheming marketing people to get a life and to try to get actual real coverage for their website by respectable media.

I came across SeekingArrangement while watching 20/20, and I've not regretted that since then. I guess if you have any questions, you can reach out to the founder of the website on Facebook, and he'll probably answer your question personally.

Good luck you sugar seekers.

I found 2 arrangements from the website.

I wish there was a private chat or calling feature on the site.

Jackie does recommend Seeking Arrangement to friends/family

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