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Mylocalcrush - Thank god I researched this!


Okay, I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief right now. I only lost $1.50 to this con before I started to smell something rotten. Although I did very little chatting, which is why I only spent that amount, I can definitely back up the stories and reviews here. I can easily imagine that things would have progressed just like the other reviewers' experiences, since everything up till now jibes perfectly. Take it from me, this is a complete hoax. I'm now going to go to great lengths to stop any e mails from these sorts of sites, in the future. However much you lose in time, money, etc., it's all going nowhere real.

Free shots of naked women, if you're going for that sort of thing. Otherwise, none.

Lots of frustration, wasted time, and expense, if you buy into it.

Jeff Hubba does NOT recommend Mylocalcrush to friends/family

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