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Last updated: January 11, 2017
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Free online dating site without ads. Search, contact and talk to single personals for free. Find new friends and stay connected. 4ppl is the only truly free online dating services site in the world. Free video chat, free blogs, free contacts, free private talks and much more to come. No ads, no payments, no limits. Just Join And Enjoy!

This website doesn't exist anymore!

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4ppl reviews (2):

4ppl - No 1 Scam Site!!


All female profiles are fake...it's obviously based in Africa. It's impossible to delete your profile...no response from customer 'service'.

I guess any real female profiles would be 'pros'!!

What the owners of the site were or should be!!

Andrew does NOT recommend 4ppl to friends/family



On this site you will find what i call gangster scammers.These are scammers that once you expose them they will retaliate with threats and foul language.Every single profile on this site is fake and the photos are all stolen from models,porn stars or other dating sites.The site itself is very weak and is hard to get signed on sometimes.Of all the dating sites that i think should be shut down,this one would be number one on my list.

If you like to argue with scammers this site is for you.If you want to hear cuss words that you didn't even know existed this site is for you.

Its all scammers.

scamgutter does NOT recommend 4ppl to friends/family