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Last updated: June 20, 2020
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Welcome to Entrepreneur Date - the web's premiere destination for FREE online dating for single entrepreneurs. Join & post your profile totally free! Upload pictures! Your security is our top priority.

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EntrepreneurDate - Hard to cancel subscription


I had a similar experience to the man above, they all older and the one i wanted to talk to either was not premium or abandoned site too which i wish i did before they got my payment information. I got charged and hated the service a week in. I had to cancel my subscription by first locating the hard to find cancel button. Then i had to go through the normal prompts but it aint cancel because i had to email support team a print out of me wanting to cancel. I dont have a printer and i am a busy woman. Finally do that and found the email part and still was not helped at all. They keep canceling out my stuff as well. So they ask a question then a few hours later act like it been resolved. Anyone knows emailing takes time. I called but it keeps hanging up but it might be because it is a saturday idk.

Non other then kinda ok marketing.

Emailing, hard to cancel subscription, dead site with hardly any active members and use dead profiles to act like it got alot of people. Horrible customer service process.

Lariah Dan does NOT recommend EntrepreneurDate to friends/family

EntrepreneurDate - This site Screams dodgy dodgy dodgy !!!


Being an entrepreneur myself I signed up to this site a few days ago thinking it might be a good place to meet single ladies with similar interests.
It's free to sign up, but if you want to actually do anything other than look at profiles, you'll need to upgrade.

I started of with a search of profiles in my area and received over 1600 results, wow this sites bigger than I thought, how come I haven't heard of it before?

I soon figured out why.
Out of 1600 or so results, probably only 20 or so had been online in the last month, which means only about 20 have been recently active, the rest are simply archived results and not really worth anything.

And since only upgraded members would be able to even read any email that I send, then that means you would need to filter down the 20 to separate the upgraded members from the "I filled out the free online sign up in the last month" group.

Which would bring the results to just 3 or 4 at the most ( and that's being optimistic) .
And of all the profiles I looked at, I only found about 2 that have any indication on there profiles that they are entrepreneurs or interested in the subject.

When I signed up I made sure to sign up with minimal details of myself, no profile, no pics just basic specs like age, gender etc

Surprising though I have received an unusual amount of interest,. everyday I get a message from a different female that's interested in this no name, no pic guy.

Of course, if I want to read anything more than the opening line, I would have to whip out my credit card and upgrade my membership....

Now all these women seem to be older than me and quite average looking at best, which isn't what I would expect from fake profiles, I would expect younger, good looking ladies looking for a entrepreneur / business type guy.

But It's hard not to shake your head and think pfft, when they all start with cut and paste opening lines like.... "Hi there" and "let's have a laugh" the kind of generic cut and paste rubbish you would expect from fake profiles managed by outsourced freelancers from countries where English is the second language.

So my personal assessment of the site is that I think I'll keep my credit card safe and sound in my wallet.

Didn't find any

Very misleading about actual active profile numbers. Deceptive in trying to use fake profiles to get you to upgrade.

Jason does NOT recommend EntrepreneurDate to friends/family

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