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Last updated: September 14, 2010
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Find Date Marry

FREE! FREE! FREE! Did we mention FREE? No ads, no gimmicks, just pure content. No creepy old man telling you about love (eHarmony).

Real People, with personal ads. Some members are computer generated (;; - Which is owned by Penthouse, Larry Flynt).

With Great Expectations Dating Service, you can expect to spend $ 8,500.00 to find a "date".

Save the money you would spend on looking at these sites, and buy him/her a drink! FREE to browse, register, flirt, find a date, then take it from there!

This website doesn't exist anymore!

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Find Date Marry - miss


i canot tell as i have not been a member, will need to try it first and then I will be able to comment.

cannot tell, but will give it a try first as it is free.

ask me later

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