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Last updated: March 15, 2017
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Heartpool.com 100% Free Online Dating Service & Matchmaking, Connect with Thousands of Singles. Whether You are Looking for Friends, Your Soul Mate or just a Casual Relationship, Heartpool is the Place for Free Dating. Join Now & Start Dating Today!

This website doesn't exist anymore!

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HeartPool.com reviews (4):

HeartPool.com - Met my sol mate and bunches of fun people


Great dating site. Met several people who were fantastic and had a lot of fun with. Then met my sol mate. Thanks again

great people

Jill Camp does recommend HeartPool.com to friends/family

HeartPool.com - Amusing


I would say that there is a lot of guys on this site, good for the ladies but as we know some guys can be pigs. I enjoyed reading the last post and it prompted me to write something "Most photos are of porn stars" lol how would you know?? case and point.

All in All the site is like any other dating site and people are people.

Julie does recommend HeartPool.com to friends/family

HeartPool.com - So SO


I would say only half are Nigerian scammers...but that is like any dating site, it's easy to pick out real people and the fakers. I talked to a nice girl and we met up, didn't turn out but she was at least real.

The site needs to get more members but the layout is nice.

Nice layout

Needs more members.

HeartPool.com - Direct line to Nigerian scammers..


Pretty much all Nigerian scammers using stolen photos of porn stars.If you report them your wasting your time.This site is worthless.


Its all scammers

SCAMGUTTER does NOT recommend HeartPool.com to friends/family

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