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Last updated: November 3, 2017
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Illicit Encounters is the UK's biggest and longest running dating site for wedded individuals. Secured in 2003, we have been giving a gathering spot to similar wedded and joined individuals in excess of 10 years. Our parts have one thing in common - they are all searching for a little sentiment outside their ebb and flow relationship. Whether that is the infrequent bit of coy talk, a consistent espresso date, or an out and out issue, that is dependent upon them. practices itself in making non judgement, no-weight environment for our parts. It takes the security and obscurity of our parts genuinely, which is the reason we offer exceptional peculiarities, for example, secret word insurance on photos, to ensure their characters. We will additionally never impart any of your individual information or contact data with other dating locales - when you sign up to, that is all you're joining to.

Other than trading letters, you can likewise utilize web-cam visit, which our dating webpage offers. This peculiarity is likewise completely free. This is a huge in addition, since you can hear AND additionally see an alternate client in the event that he/she isn't so apathetic it is not possible turn their Polaroid on. Keeping in mind the end goal to communicate in the talk rooms, you and your companion ought to be online in the meantime. On the off chance that you both live in diverse time zones, one of you will need to get ready enough espresso to continue going. With in excess of 900,000 parts over the UK, you're certain to discover your ideal match. To discover what our parts consider us, visit our testimonials page. Click on the room you might want to enter and afterward click the Join Selected Room catch. You can see other individuals in the visit room by clicking on their name in the room rundown. You can additionally make your own particular feature visit room by clicking on the My Public or Private Room catch. Our visit has a framework which permits you to have your own particular private room which is watchword secured. You won't be aggravated by different clients from the general population campaign as private rooms if you use

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Illicit Encounters reviews (56):

Illicit Encounters - Not what it seems


Well marketed site which has gone past its sell by date, other sites are doing it better so it now is using sex workers to draw in the punters.
The same old female names & profile Nos (eg 280455, 306778 - there are many others though) are there time and again sending out messages to new members to encourage them to pay to read the messages.

None really

Its a money making website nothing more

Illicit Encounters - If you are lucky


Its entirely down to luck that you happen to get in touch with a woman who is actively seeking partners. Its best that she is relatively new, still finding her feet, and still interested in the potential for sex.

Once she has settled in for the long haul she will either turn to exploiting any angles she learns to use; or simply doze off and become one of the many dreamers who clutter up the site.

The women who you are most likely to be successful with tend to be transients. They will use the site for a limited period of time, have real affairs and then just as mysteriously as they arrive, they vanish back to their married life. Having proved that they still can and will do it if they need to.

Those that remain are sex workers, gold diggers, site commission seekers, dreamers, feckless dabblers, revenge seekers and those who unfortunately have mental health issues.

Obviously staying on the site to find new partners can become expensive. Creating false id's and such like doesn't really help. You still need to get out and find those women and they will only be ready when it suits them. That unfortunately is entirely down to luck that you coincide with their visits.

Give it a go if you can afford it. But to be honest you have more likelihood of meeting women if you join an amateur activity, voluntary or charity organisation. Women prefer to find men in their element.

The site is no worse than any other commercial site. They all have techniques to get customers. IE does have some genuine women on it.

If lucky and you make the right effort you will do okay.

The collections of those mentioned as being the ones to avoid.

Illicit Encounters - take care


It is possible to meet folk from this site who are what they say they are and are seeking what they say, however as said there are an awful lot of scammers & wierdos.
But do remember that folk who use this site are by nature cheaters and by the nature of there presence liers to at least someone, there is no reason to assume that the same will not apply to the interactions that you will have.
Perhaps the most honest are those that say they want a casual relationshio or friendship.
Many (perhaps greater than 50%) will indicate they are stuck in a stale relationship & seeking a 1 2 1 longterm relationship, it is in this setting that experience shows care & cold judgement must be used. Several things can be encountered
- the meat collector - does not have the honesty to admit they seek sequential new meat will make out they only recently joined the site will talk the talk but do not really make the effort for a longterm thing, then move on to the next chase.
- the pure scammer - is after money or similar - will spin a story after period of time that they need so much £ then they can change there situtation

I would suggest that any man using the site browses it for several weeks before joining so they can work out who the chatters / players and scammers are, do pay attention to the membership No, they are issued in sequence so the lower numbers mean they have been a member for longer - most successful folk will use the site to meet someone then leave it well alone so if someone has an 'old' number despite what the profile words may say they are a chatter / player / scammer. Another way is to us the 'way back when machine' (google it - but its old copies of the site).

Some women are what they say but very very few,

Its a site for cheaters so expect lots of lies & good actors. by the time you take out the scammers / chatters / players very very few are what they say they are

Anyone with a membership No starting 2 / 3/ 4/ 5 are serial players if there after casual that fits, otherwise steer clear - there is a reason they are still on there

Illicit Encounters - Good value if you put the effort in


Without going into inappropriate detail, I have met and very much enjoyed the company of a number of ladies via this site! I've been a member on and off for a few years.

Any dating site attracts fools and weirdos as well as people looking for the same thing as you. Because women can join Illicit Encounters for free, some are tyre-kickers or are just looking for a friend.

I use the message system a lot and weed out women I'm not interested in, or who just want cyber-chat or a shoulder to cry on. The ones I want to meet, I set up a meeting as soon as they're comfortable and take it "off-site" and go from there.

I get good results by being polite and respectful but cheeky, not moaning or being overtly sexual. I don't bother with the whole virtual gifts thing - my aim is to meet beautiful women as soon as possible, not flirt on the internet.

I think you get what you put in, and the high price keeps out the riff raff.

Some beautiful & genuine women looking for an affair or a no-strings meet-up join this site.

High price keeps out wannabes, waverers and fools

Some women on the site are not beautiful or genuine and/or not looking for an affair or a no-strings meet up. Don't allow them to waste your time.

High price!

Illicit Encounters - illicit encouters


As one of your revies said "they must be off their head or testing for paying 100 pounds for a month,wait for it I paid 89 pounds for a week.My advice is dont do it,IVE HAD NOTHING BUT EMAILS WANTING MORE MONEY.And one lady telling me where I could put a virtual kiss......

Illicit Encounters - A word to the wise


Ok guys... firstly don't get your hopes up! As it's free for ladies beware there are DROVES of toe dippers, bored housewives and looneys!
If you start of knowing the fact the site is there soley to earn it's owners money, then you'll understand that all that glitters is not gold.
In fairness, on the rare occasion a scammer pops up the site owners deal with them quickly.
My advice would be, be honest, be patient & don't have expectations.There are a few genuine ladies on there, but you'll have to search long & hard to find them.
To summarise, its probably the best of a bad bunch.

Highest ratio of genuine ladies looking for an affair.
Because of the high cost, competition is limited from other men.
Scammers quickly dealt with.

High ratio of timewasters.
Very expensive.
Beware of multiple profile females.

Illicit Encounters - female scammers on the site


I would urge everyone who is thinking of joining this site not to do so. Men are charged and women are not, which results in women scammers joining and they then give you a number to call that looks like a normal mobile number but gues what - its not. I complained to IE and their answer was they have fulfuilled their side of the deal so nothing they can do. They are purely interested in just getting your cash and could not care less what happens after that. What they say about numbers is not factual either - any women I have spoken to on there has said its totally disjointed. A huge number of their lady members are inactive which of course they choose not to advertise.

there are none - its a rubbish site and the chat system is practically non existant

Its a total scam and the owners are not interested in correcting this.

scammed does NOT recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - Scam


I have used the site on more than one occassion and have met both short term and long term lovers through it. On the whole it is a good site but lately they have taken to running scams for male advertisers. By this I mean that when you are getting to the end of your month you will get emails from women who when you reply to them don`t log on again. You will also find that you get emails from young women way outside your specified area allegedly interested in you. They don`t exist! I wish they hadn`t resorted to these sort of tactics and they could be seen as fair and decent in how they operate. That said I have met lovely genuine people on the site but be warned they all aren`t

Good number of women on the site and covering every area.
Easy to use site and well put together.

The tactics used to try and get men to pay more.
The scams used to try and lure men back to the site

Illicit Encounters - Mrs


I have been a member of this site on two separate occasions and have had two long lasting affairs with two very genuine guys. I can't confirm or deny the comments regarding fake female profiles, but one thing that should be drawn to the attention of anyone joining this site is:-

When searching for members be aware that if their status says last on line "over a week ago", it could be that they havent been an active member of the site for 6 months, even a year or more. IE do not delete the profiles of members who have left the site, nor do they make it easy to delete your profile. In fact this is virtually impossible. You would have to email the site administration and ask them to delete it on your behalf, however this does not always happen. SO BEWARE ...... this makes IE look like they have far, far more active members than they actually have.

There are genuine people here
Can be time consuming

The site is not populated with as many members as it would first appear
Time wasters

Leah H does recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - Works but ...


The site is really expensive but works as I've met 3 women from there. And there are many genuine profiles but I am absolutely sure that the site has fake profiles to trick you into updating. I have made 3 different accounts , absolutely different fake persons, and all 3 get messages from the same profiles on the same day!

It is also FULL of time wasters and one need patience.


Dirty tricks
payment issues
time watsers

John Hunte does recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

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