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Last updated: November 29, 2017
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Jewcier reviews (9):

Jewcier - Scammed


Hi, I, too, put up a profile to test things out before I joined. After getting multiple notifications of received messages, I paid up. NONE of the messages were legitimate. I couldn't communicate with ANYONE! I received "messages" from supposed men, and discovered they were from Jewcier announcing that these people had updated their profiles.

"Messages" were preprogrammed and were the same. I wrote to Jewcier twice asking about computer-generated messages, and they denied It. I even asked the men who had written to me if they had indeed reached out to me and NOT ONE PERSON RESPONDED.

Don't waste your $$.

Not one.

Everything about Jewcier. See above.

Ruthbabyrn does NOT recommend Jewcier to friends/family

Jewcier - just got booted off site


About one hour after I wrote the review my account was blocked. Could be a coincidence if you believe in them

unsatisfie does NOT recommend Jewcier to friends/family

Jewcier - i would not recommend


I find that the "matches" they find are the same ones over and over. I agree my age may be difficult to find matches for, but to recylcle the matches is an insult to my intelligence and does not say much about their integrity.

I also have received "smiles" from people who seem to be interested only to find the accounts blocked when I reply. This has happened multiple times and is sort of suspect.

This seems to be a division of Shame on them

It is my opinion this web site is not well managed.

unsatisfie does NOT recommend Jewcier to friends/family

Jewcier - Disgusting New Tactics


As a Paying customer, I am trying to write to another customer. As soon as I click on "write a letter", an icon pops up forcing me to upgrade to a higher tier. There is no way to cancel out.

Shame on Jewcier

there are NO pros

Too many to mention

Michael does NOT recommend Jewcier to friends/family

Jewcier - Questionable! Quite Questionable!


Received several "I am interested in you" responses and the last one "We have much in common"--none of which I was entitled to respond to...unless I paid in advance for the privilege of answering an unknown. Just a photo doesn't cut it!

I need to know something more to enable me to deduce whether there's even the slightest possibility of my interest in learning to know an individual better: current interests, activities, and goals; educational and occupational background (if any); and MOST IMPORTANT--How does that individual anticipate that getting to know me will enhance his/her future? In other words,WHAT are his/her EXPECTATIONS OF ME?

Those important details should be written by the "interested" party in his/her own writing style in an introductory e-mail: Why would I pay to befriend one who's just fishing? Unless I have some clues, I shall pass.

Jewcier - legit


seems legit...

So far so good... Not a lot of responses locally, but I recently recieved a message from a hottie...

not much locally

Jewcier - BEWARE: scam 100% Scam


I created my profile on the site as a guest. and for several month I was getting 'Interest notofications'. approx 20 during October and November... Decided to give it a chance and Joined as a member. Since then all theese 20 became dormasnt, no emails, no replies, never on-line.. My best guess would be that Admin sends you those blank emails to get you become a full member and pay.. Also you cannot see when the person was last time on-line... it it is very convenient scam too... BEWARE

iris does NOT recommend Jewcier to friends/family

Jewcier - Met great boyfriend on Jewcier


I met my boyfriend on the site and he is amazing. I am so much happier because of It's refreshing to find a new, good Jewish dating site out there.

new Jewish people i have not met on any of the other Jewish dating sites

Happy User does recommend Jewcier to friends/family

Jewcier - Jewcier is a total hoax! Everyone is fake! Lame!


Jewcier is a total hoax! Everyone is fake! Lame!
Anyone who pays is getting deceived by the thieves who run this site!


Total waste of time (and money if you pay)

Annoyed User does NOT recommend Jewcier to friends/family

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