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Last updated: March 8, 2018
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Jumpdates is the best among all free dating sites. Jumpdates is a 100% free online dating service. Dating online has NEVER been this easy. Free personals, Free matchmaking, Free online dating, you just name it and we have it for you completely free. We dont ask for a dime from you. Search for free dating site California, USA singles, online singles, local singles, single men, single women in less than 2 mins. And we assure you complete confidentiality and privacy. Its easiest, fun and the most trusted dating service to find your one true love, your soulmate. As we say here, hurry up and jump into your first date and find somebody to love and be loved. And in order to give you the best possible matches, our team has been working on this amazing Jumpdates Matchmaking Algorithm. It is tested again & again and has been proven to find true love for our numerous online users. You will find many free dating sites online, but we offer you better results with guaranteed active users.

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JumpDates reviews (2):

JumpDates - My 1st time with a scammer!


Back in the days of my Internet innocence, I fell 'in love' with Vanessa Brown on this site.
Gorgeous white nurse living in Africa. (Warning! Warning!)
I even let it progress to the phone call stage.
Imagine my surprise when her voice was like a native extra from a Tarzan movie!
She said she inherited it from her mum.
She swore she didn't need my money so we continued until just before she was going to leave for my country.
Then she said she didn't have enough for the Visa/ticket!
I yelled: "This is a scam!' and hung up.
I was heartbroken but thank the fact that I'm also a cynical tightwad.
The good news...I'm a songwriter and got a song out of it!

...are cheaper than getting involved with a scammer!

...should be what all scammers end up as!!

Andrew does NOT recommend JumpDates to friends/family

JumpDates - 100% scammer site.


No surprise here just 100% scammers.The same as confirio.com or 4ppl.com.If you do find a real person on this site chances are it will be you.Every profile photo is a model or porn star.I even reported profiles using photos of Paris Hilton and other celebs.Just another site that caters to the bottom feeders of the world.

The only pro for this site is the fact you can see its a scam the second you join. Don't waste your time.

All Nigerian scammers.

scamgutter does NOT recommend JumpDates to friends/family

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